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Saturday, September 4, 2021

The Difference a Beating Heart Makes! LIFE!

Texas Heartbeat Law Protects Babies Once Heartbeats Can be Detected

Have you ever "listened" to your heart beating? Most of us don't even think about it despite the fact that our hearts beat about 115,000 times a day without our willing it or doing anything at all to facilitate it. Our hearts simply do the job our Creator ordained. We are, indeed, "fearfully and wonderfully made" called into life by the Author of life!

If you want to listen to your heart beating, cover your ears with the heels of your palms and sit quietly as the pulsations of the heart begin to reveal their mystery and call to you. "'re alive; I'm doing my job sending blood and oxygen and nutrients throughout your body."

"You're alive! Rejoice in this God-given day! Use it to praise, reverence, and serve God in accordance with the gifts He's given you. Don't waste it!"

Everyone on the planet moving and breathing and living has a heartbeat. Joe Biden, the demented man sitting in the oval office and his cohorts do all they can to snuff out the heartbeats of babies in the womb. They can only engage in that demonic activity because their own hearts are beating as they do the will of the evil one who hates all creation, but especially desires the murder of the innocent. 

Nancy Pelosi, the self proclaimed "devout Catholic" pledges to introduce federal legislation to protect the killing which she and the Democrats support up to the moment of birth and even beyond. Biden, Pelosi, and company are the descendants of Moloch, the pagan god of human sacrifice. 

And it isn't just the babies whose beating hearts they want to silence. It's the elderly, the infirm, the depressed, the inconvenient. They are truly committed to killing. They are the death peddlers whose hearts and minds are consumed with evil.

Let us all pray to the Lord of Life to remove these arrogant, godless, monsters from power. 

Defend life!