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Monday, December 5, 2022

Why is there almost always something in the Vatican Christmas Scene to Make You Laugh? (Or Cry.)

The Vatican Christmas scene is up in St. Peter's Square. It's hand carved, traditional and lovely. But can someone explain the guy with the backpack who's got his hand over the ear of his fellow traveler? It made me think of the monkey who hears no evil. Well....maybe that's appropriate. 

In the past few years the Vatican's display has often been controversial. Not this year, thanks be to God! But it isn't always that way. Here's the sand display from 2018 which is about as Christmas card traditional as possible. 

And the displays depicted in this video are all impressive and beautiful. 

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is the nativity scene. I have an eclectic one with figures I've accumulated from here and there. The angel has been dropped and is chipped. One poor shepherd lost his head and had to have it glued back on. The manger is a bit shabby, but that just makes it look more authentic. Two little angels sleeping in the hayloft came from a cake decorating kit. But it all comes together to bring me hours of happy memories, especially the stable itself that my dad made complete with eye screws in the back to hold the pine tree branches (from an old artificial Christmas tree).

Let us all rejoice in the images that remind us that God came to earth in the person of a little child, helpless and dependent. How can we refuse to imitate His humility?

Come, Lord Jesus!

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Kathleen1031 said...

They are obligated to include some figure of someone who is on the ground and needs help up. They are incapable of keeping the mind on Jesus and the Nativity as such. The worldly obsession and agenda demands they include some reminder that we must open the borders and bring in the world, even if there's no room for us. Especially if there's no room for us.
Why his ear is covered, who knows. Sometimes you have to think like a weirdo to figure it out.
Traditional nativity scenes of any kind are typically wonderful.