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Saturday, December 3, 2022

You ABSOLUTELY Need to Watch the Died Suddenly Documentary!

Dr. Thorp is an expert in high risk pregnancy and one of the witnesses interviewed in Died Suddenly.
The Epoch Times interviewed him. He is challenging doctors to study the data and blow the whistle!


Embalmers are seeing strange fibrous structures with the consistency of rubber bands in the dead bodies of vaccinated corpses. These fibrous strands make it difficult for embalmers to put the embalming fluid into the bodies.

The jab is killing people. Big Government and Big Media have weaponized the medical profession. 

Department of Defense -- substantial data presented to Congress by lawyers representing military personnel shows:

Miscarriages increasing by 300% over the five year average

Cancer increasing by 300% over the five year average

Neurological issues increasing by 1000% 

It's all about The Great Reset and Agenda 2030 with Big Media manipulation!

And it's been going on for decades! 

Read about Operation Mockingbird. It was called a "conspiracy theory," but it was true:
 a 1950s program in which the CIA recruited and propped up various media organizations to influence public opinion. In April 1976, the Church Committee, a US senate task force, conducted an investigation into the CIA’s influence over both foreign and national news organizations and stated that the CIA maintained a huge global network that provided intel for the organization and “at times” attempted to influence opinion through the use of covert propaganda.[10]

The damning report also stated that these same individuals gave the CIA direct access to a large number of “newspapers and periodicals, scores of press services and news agencies, radio and television stations, commercial book publishers, and other foreign media outlets” and claimed that approximately 50 of the CIA’s assets were individual American journalists or employees of US media organizations.
The documentary is chilling. Watch it. 

"It's fifth generation warfare," according to one of the doctors in the film. 

"I've seen death and destruction like never before." Dr. James A. Thorp, MD with 43 years experience in high risk obstetrics. Infants dying at a rate that is up to 72 standard deviations which is statistically impossible to be natural. And it all started after the introduction and massive pushing of the jab. 

Do a Google search and see how the media tries to cover up this documentary as one more conspiracy theory. Hey folks, nothing to see here. Those "clots" that have never appeared before? Don't believe your eyes. Babies dying in record numbers? Nobody knows why and none of the "scientists" at the CDC don't want to know. 

Watch the documentary and share it. They're still pushing he jab. Don't take it! And don't let them jab your kids.

They told you the vaccine would keep you from getting sick. It hasn't. They said the jab would keep you from spreading the virus. It hasn't. And now it's killing people in record numbers. 

"What the last two years has taught me is that there is a pure evil in this world that has no respect for any of us. I could tell you we are regarded in much the same way as livestock." 

"If you are quiet or apathetic or complacent, you have to answer to God for that.!"

Watch the documentary. When you see the mainstream media trying to debunk it, check out this article. And if you didn't take the jab congratulate yourself. If you did get it, I'm praying for the St. Paul effect. Remember when he was shipwrecked and was bitten by a venamous snake? He was protected by God. I'm praying that God will protect all those who listened to the liars in lab coats who said the vaccine was "safe and effective" when they knew that was untrue, untested, and nothing but a global experiment. May God protect us all from the evil elitists among us who consider us wage slaves at best and certainly expendable.