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Good Church, Bad Church


California, Yorba Linda, Santa Clara de Asis - pastor Fred Bailey, the "Barney priest" Nov.1, 2015

Florida, Rockledge, St. Mary's - Church as nuclear power plant, March 15, 2016
Florida, Orlanda, Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe - recommended, March 19, 2016

Kentucky, St. William of York, Louisville -- how to make a diocese a laughing stock, Dec. 2016

Massachusetts, Still River, Benedictine Center - offers Sunday and daily TLM, March 6, 2015

Michigan, West Bloomfield, Prince of Peace - Fr. Jozwiak verbally attacks kneelers, Dec. 16, 2014

New York, Manhattan, St. Francis Xavier - approves/promotes gay lifestyle, June 16, 2014

South Carolina, Charleston, St. Mary's - historic church, 1st. Sat. sung TLM, March 6, 2016

Virginia, Front Royal, St. John the Baptist - beautiful and reverent offers TLM & NO Jan. 16, 2016
Virginia, Arlington, Our Lady Queen of Peace - run away!   See more. Sept. 4, 2010
Virginia, Alexandria, St. Louis - beautiful church, reverent Novus Ordo    January 12, 2016
Virginia, Hampton, Immaculate Conception - new pastor since review - Summer 2011
Virginia, St. Peter's in Little Washington -- Alinskyite parish under Fr. "Tuck" Grinnell - Dec, 2016

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  1. Susan Matthiesen, does your pastor, Fr. Marc Vernoy know what you do in your spare time? I would think for a 75 year old woman, your time would best be spent in prayer, rather than trashing young girls on the internet.