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Monday, August 17, 2009

Al Gore: Making a Mint Off of Cap and Trade

Cap-And-Trade: Al Gore's Cash Cow

Al Gore talks a lot about saving the planet. "Yadda, yadda, yadda...." Somehow his actions fall a little short of his words. He lives in an energy-gobbling mansion in Nashville, flies around the world in his private jet spewing carbon, rides around town in his gas-guzzling limo. This guy would be laughable if people didn't take his nonsense so seriously. Maybe they will when they have to buy carbon credits to carpool in their mini van to soccer games. Gore left office worth $2 million. He's now up around $100 million and with his investments in companies that will benefit from cap and trade, he stands to make multi-millions more. This greenie is no greenhorn when it comes to capitalizing on his global warming agenda, but don't you feel a little uneasy about the level of integrity involved in this business? Sort of like a Wall Street insider who gets advance notice of a company's boom?


Turfsuper said...

The same argument however boils down to who gets to make a profit. Those who pollute and those who pollute less.

Your support of those who would contaminate your environment just doesn't make sense. But if it's against Obama and his supporters like Gore, it's ok?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

And you support Gore so he gets a free pass to pollute? You are the one "support[ing] those who would contaminate your environment. [It] just doesn't make sense."

I agree, but if the polluter is a liberal it's okay.

Your comments are generally good for a chuckle.