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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

White House Calls out the Thugs!

Communities Organize Against Health Care, While Professional Protestors Organize at White House Behest

"'If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard!' Jim Messina, the White House Deputy Chief of staff, told Senate Democrats in a meeting to prepare them to respond to constituent protests according to staffers. In a similar vein, labor union bosses, such as the AFL-CIO and Service Employees International Union (SEIU), sent out memos urging their members to turn out in force and 'drown out' opponents’ voices."

And they aren't just whistling Dixie. Check out these stories.

Cameraman Caught in Middle When Town Hall Erupts Into Violence

The video below from MSNBC show how biased "reporters" manipulate the story. Note the presumption that the "violence" is the fault of those protesting the health care plan. (Last time I broke up a kid's fight there were two involved.) See how the AFL-CIO rep is NOT challenged. The assumption is the "mob" is the conservatives not the union and ACORN thugs who were let into the meeting in Tampa while protesters were shut out. Note also how they blame the groups urging Americans to make their voices heard and accusing them of inciting violence. The fact that the meetings are manipulated and supporters are given early entry and fill the rooms is left completely unaddressed by these "reporters." They ask what responsibility the group has for the actions of the protesters, a question they NEVER asked Obama's campaign team about their responsibility for ACORN's voter fraud. Just one more example of liberal hypocrisy.

If citizens organize, we're compared to the KKK and unAmerican. When the White House calls out ACORN and union thugs, they're just pushing back. We have rarely in the history of this country seen gangster government like this. As the town meetings continue to be contentious watch the liberals 1) cancel them and 2) manipulate who gets in. Oh wait, they're already doing that. What's next, the dead fish in the mailbox?


Turfsuper said...

Check out this story. "Health Care Protesters Largely From Out Of District Sign In Sheets Show"

Your memory of very short. It was president Bush who screened entrances to his speeches and had protesters in remote parking lots. People are sincerely scared but what is scaring them is right wing made up nightmares. However the courts have ruled that Fox has a constitutional right to lie.

This debate needs to be centered on how to reform health insurance industry, cover 45 million and protect those who currently have health insurance from a loosing when they lose their jobs.

Turfsuper said...

Just to set the history of disruption straight this time it was Dick Army's and his corporate supported FreedomWorks that started this. A leaked memo by Bob MacGuffie that shows how this was started.

Another story to set the history straight:

Ray Schneider said...

Keep drinking the koolaid Turfkiller. There's quite a bit of difference between people complaining loudly and people being beaten. The left doesn't actually like using things like reason and argument.

Just what is it that qualifies government to do anything in health care? Just where is that particular enumerated power in the Constitution? You leftists never met a government program or a tax you didn't like. Now that you have a proto-Fascist in the White House all hell is breaking loose.