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Monday, August 10, 2009

Yes, Virginia, Abortion and Euthanasia are in the bill!

Obama "Reality Check" Web Site Doesn't Dispute Abortion in Health Care Plan

House Health Care Bill Gives Doctors Financial Incentive to Push Euthanasia


Turfsuper said...

They are considering two plans. A plan that would cover abortion would charge more than the plan that doesn't. That way your premiums won't be paying for abortions. It was senator Spector who made this statement.

Turfsuper said...

Euthanasia and HOUSE BILL.

He’s just adding to the confusion.

“While pro-life advocates say the section opens the door to physicians pushing euthanasia or withdrawal of lifesaving medical treatment, or even basic food and water, backers of the bill call the claims rubbish.” He position is that the doctor would rather make easy quick cash than practice and get paid for medicine. His argument is no different than saying that because there are some bad Priests therefore there should be no Catholic Church.

The question this section resolves is WHO gets the say so. Not that it won’t be or hasn’t been happening. The author believes that HE should have the say so over you. Catholics believe that the Pope should have the say so over you.

This bill encourages you to document your say so in accordance with your beliefs and the policy of your insurance provider. Any document however should be taken to your lawyer for his review.