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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Doctors oppose Obama Plan

Physicians speak out on health care bill
Many say the costly plan won't fix problems


Turfsuper said...

Again you are mis-informing. The doctors do not support socialized medicine. Socialized medicine is where the doctors, hospitals etc., are owned by and employees of the government like in the UK. These doctors do not support socialized medicine. Socialized health care is NOT health care reform.

Medicare is not socialism but government insurance. Everyone needs to have health care and not worry about loosing their homes or not being able to change jobs because of health care. Currently even some with private insurance risk loosing their homes. In fact 80% of medically caused bankruptcies had private health insurance coverage. This is but one problem that can be stopped.

I have learned that the 'living will' reimbursement of the "Obama Soylent Green plan" was actually added by republican Senator Johnny Isakson of GA. Living wills will protect you not recycle you.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Whether a living will protects you or kills you depends on what's in it. A person who says he doesn't want "artificial" nutrition and hydration is likely to be dehydrated to death if something happens like a stroke because stroke vicitms typically have swallowing problems.