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Monday, February 1, 2010

Connecting the Dots: Why the USCCB Cooperates with so much Evil!

 Have you connected the dots? Has the light bulb gone on? How many evils can one organization support before one comes to the conclusion that it is diabolical? A press release from American Life League today reveals some shocking data about John Carr, executive director of the Department of Justice, Peace, and Human Development at the USCCB (bishops' conference) which, incidentally, oversees the CCHD (Catholic Campaign for Human Development). Carr has worked at the bishops' bureuacracy since 1987.

Now lets take a look at his long-term connection to the Center for Community Change (CCC) which goes back at least to 1983. According to an American Life League press release, Carr held leadership positions at CCC from 1999 to 2006 "including chairman of the board."

ALL gives more interesting details:
In 2001, while Carr served as both a USCCB exec and CCC leader, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference funneled $150,000 to the pro-abortion group. The USCCB web site currently promotes the group and officials have spoken at CCC events.
“Strangely, Carr’s leadership on the CCC’s board shows up on several bios he’s submitted for speaking engagements, but the word for word bio on the USCCB web site mysteriously omits that one detail,” Hichborn said. “Why?”

Revelations of John Carr’s involvement in the Center for Community Change come only months after members of the Reform CCHD Now coalition, including American Life League, uncovered 31 CCHD grantees partnered with the CCC.

Some of us have been calling for reform of the CCHD for years because of the evil organizations it funds. Did the light go on as you read this? Is it any wonder that "31 CCHD grantees" were CCC partners since the fella overseeing the grants process works closely with the pro-abortion, pro-gay group?

I visited their website and they are self-professed "progressives," the new buzz word to replace "liberal." One blog entry on proposed health care legislation describes the need "for lifting restrictions on women's access to health services." Translation: abortion must be included in universal health care coverage. 

Then there was the Stop Stupak Coalition supported by CCC. Here's what CCC's representative said addressing the meeting. "Health Care Reform could represent a huge step forward in economic opportunity for women but these improvements should not come at the cost of more restrictions on reproductive health!" Obviously "abortion rights" are on their list of non-negotiables.

Now exactly why are the bishops who say they stand unequivocally for life, supporting this pro-abortion community organizing group? And why did they keep someone on who was working intimately with CCC in leadership positions while he was involved in CCHD grants, a clear conflict of interest? The answer: the bishops are either clueless and irresponsible or they support the evil while they pay lip service to Catholic teaching. In any case, they need to immediately fire John Carr who obviously works against their purported pro-life goals. But don't hold your breath. If they fired all of the bad guys at the USCCB most desks would be empty.

I recently wrote an article calling for the good bishops in the U.S. to divorce the USCCB for irreconcilable differences. Write to your bishop and suggest that he do so. And don't give to any fund drives he runs until he does. No money to CCHD and no money to the USCCB including through your parish collection which sends a percentage to the diocese. In ours I think the parish tax is 7%. Ask your pastor how you can give without any of your money going to the diocesan assessment. Unfortunately, money seems to be all they understand. The bishops are showing themselves to be out to lunch when it comes to their own wicked bureaucracy. Until they get it under control, you can't trust them with your money!


Anonymous said...

What rot in the USCCB.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mary Ann: I love your blog. Our big debate in my traddy circle is whether U. S. politics is too corrupt to matter any more. Your outrage and calls to action assert, correctly, I think, that we have a duty to try to make things work. In the case of the Bishops, let me pass on what an holy Priest once told me. Most Priests and Bishops are just regular guys, average students etc. If we expect very much of them, we're bound to be disappointed. The U. S. itself has never supported striving for holiness. We're an enlightenment creation. So: our clergy isn't very smart or very holy. Keep their feet in the fire and pray for them (for holiness) every day.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks for the insight, Finecrown. During the months leading up to the CCHD collection in November, the Catholic Media Coalition selected a dozen bishops and sent them articles every two weeks exposing the rot at CCHD. Several of the bishops we wrote to did not take up the collection. If Catholics would pray and also WRITE to their bishops asking them to stop supporting these awful things, at least a few would stop don't you think?

I mean, if you are trying to be holy and do the Lord's will, doesn't cooperating with evil bother your conscience? It certainly would mine? Even the average guy ought to get it after awhile.

Thanks for the reminder to pray for them. I think they need some fasting to go with it!

Ray Schneider said...

As far as I can see most of the bishops are mere functionaries taking advantage of their positions the way the sons of nobility did their sinecures as bishops in the Middle Ages. Probably why Dante put so many in hell.

Anonymous said...

According to The Curt Jester's sources - the conflict of interest charges may be false:

Anonymous said...

Most priests are very well educated. Especially in the United States.
Bishops are usually the creame de la Creme of of our Priests.

The problem is thus, lack of holiness and a fear to stand up for Christ.

Dennis Howard said...

From the '50's on -- when the Church was growing by 5 to 8% a year -- the bishops have been misled by "the deceitfulness of riches." See Mark 4: 18-19. "Still others, like seed sown among thorns, hear the word; but the worries of this life, the deceitfulness of riches and the desires for other things come in and choke the word, making it unfruitful." Thus, they miss the rich soil that produces a return of 30, 60 or 100-fold.

And so now we have a declining church with 27 Catholics missing because of abortion and birth control and millions more from loss of faith. The bottom line: The bishops cannot serve two masters -- God and Mammon. They spend $3.5 billion to feed the poor of the world, which is fine, but barely 4 cents a Catholic to educate the next generation against abortion. The apathy among most priests about this issue is appalling. They just don't seem to know or care how to deal with it.

Anonymous said...

The USCCB is supported by the 10% tax charged by the chancery offices on every penny that goes into the baskets on Sundays and Holy Days (that is not for a particular "second collection").

So - to defund the USCCB we must specify that our Sunday donation go to a particular fund (ask your pastor what you can do to prevent your money from suppoting the diocese and the USCCB. The money MUST, LEGALLY, NOT BE USED FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE THAN THAT FOR YOU DESIGNATE IT.
You can actually insist. If my bishop stops paying the USCCB then, he can get my money. Period.

Call your bishop.


Tito Edwards said...

Anon Carol,

Excellent point.

There has to be a way such as you suggested to earmark individual donations for only parish or diocesan groups, excluding the USCCB 10% surcharge.

I hope someone can figure a way around donating monies to the USCCB.

It would act as a very useful lever to force the USCCB to actually behave like a Catholic organization.

Marilyn H said...

I really believe that the bishops' conference should be moved out of Washington. There is too much corruption in that city and the temptation to political maneuvering is great. Why not a nice headquarters in Arizona or Nebraska?

Tito Edwards said...

Lincoln, Nebraska!

So the other bishops can see what a real diocese looks like!

Anonymous said...

There is so much water over this dam that it is hard to know where priorities lie. Suffice it to say the USCCB is not only corrupt but possess little more than persuasive athority. Until Rome starts nominating apolitical bishops little can or will be done to inhibit the work of the diabolcal who likes to work anonymously in groups.