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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Good Advice!

It's easy in our crazy world, especially when the Church is in such disarray to be discouraged. Sometimes I want to crawl under the bed and suck my thumb. St. Ignatius tells us how to discern spirits. When you are in mortal sin, the evil spirit encourages and coddles you saying that all is well. When you are in the state of grace he tempts by urging you to be discouraged and depressed and think that nothing ultimately matters so why bang your head against a wall. Give up.

A priest friend recently sent me the following little message and it's worth sharing.
Remember that discouragement and despondency are "gifts" offered by the Father of Lies. So follow your mothers' warning, "Don't take gifts from strangers" - especially ones with spiked tails and bad breath.
So if you are trying to do God's will and feel discouraged you're holding and looking at the devil's "gift." Throw it away quick!

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Anonymous said...

St. Jose Maria said that sadness is the ally of the Enemy.