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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lisa Murkowski Concedes in Alaska

It's official. pro-abort Lisa Murkowski lost the Republican primary to Joe Miller. Woo-hoo! One more RINO bites the dust. And it ends a thirty year dynasty of the Murkowski family. Lisa was chosen by Daddy to fill his seat after he was elected governor. Talk about chutzpah! He's the one who was unseated by upstart Sarah Palin who went after the good-ole-boys network. Murkowski is no conservative and has voted with liberals on most issues. For a comparison chart between her and Joe Miller go here. It's pretty clear that her defeat is one more victory for the tea party message of reform in government.

A big two thumbs up for Joe Miller. Here's what he has on his website about life issues: "I am unequivocally pro-life and life must be protected from the moment of conception to the time of natural death. The family is the foundation of a free society."  Amen!

Visit the website and if you like what you see why not send this man a donation. Putting real conservatives in the senate can make a big difference -- especially when you consider the Kagan debacle. Let's make sure that those who "advise and consent" will oppose liberal judicial activists who will legislate from the bench! Joe Miller looks to be one of those.

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Good news!