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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The infamous Fr. Sparks and his infamous publisher, Harcourt

The article excerpt below appeared in 2001 in Catholic Family News as part of a longer piece. Randy Engel sent it to me after I posted about Fr. Sparks speaking in the Diocese of Orange, CA. If you're interested in seeing the complete article leave a comment. If Bishop Tod Brown were really serious about "protecting children" he would follow his own policies. The diocese publishes a flyer called Respecting the Boundaries. Here's a bit of the content:
Either sexual exploitation or sexual abuse can include physical contact from the church leader or representative such as:
􀂃 Sexual touch or other intrusive touching (i.e. tickling, wrestling, or other physical contact) that causes uneasiness or discomfort

􀂃 Inappropriate gift (such as lingerie).

􀂃 A prolonged hug when a brief hug is customary behavior.

􀂃 Kissing on the lips when a kiss on the cheek would be appropriate.

􀂃 Showing sexually suggestive objects or pornography.

􀂃 Sexual intercourse, anal or oral sex.

Sexual exploitation or sexual abuse can also include verbal behavior such as:

􀂃 Innuendo;

􀂃 Sexual comments;

􀂃 Tales of sexual exploits or

􀂃 Making sexual proposals.
There's no doubt that Fr. Sparks explicit sex talk about women's breasts and the size of his organ and his blasphemous remarks about Jesus and the saints violates boundaries. If Bishop Tod Brown really means to create a safe environment for children and adults in his diocese he needs to ban Fr. Sparks permanently!

Homo-Church Invades the Catholic Kindergarten

By Randy Engel

[Editor’s note: Certain sections of Harcourt Religious Publishers’ Growing In Love are too explicit to be printed in a Catholic family newspaper. However, any adult reader of CFN wishing to verify these texts may contact the author using addresses provided at the conclusion of this article.]


Leave it to the Church’s Lavender Lobby! Just when the moral stench of the Clinton-Lewinsky affair has begun to disperse and the air made breathable again, and the crimes of the clerical homo-peds have moved from nightly network news to the more discrete shadowland of out-of-court settlements in chancery offices, along comes the Homosexual Network within the Catholic Church to up the scandal ante with a third generation of sexual catechetics specifically designed to bring the Homosexual Agenda into the Catholic home and grade school.

With the American hierarchy firmly in tow, and after having successfully colonized virtually every seminary, diocese and religious order in the United States, Homo-Church is moving into parish life with a vengeance. And with the parish comes the parochial school with its endless supply of potential new recruits and fresh meat. Forget the old motto of the Rene Guyon (pedophile) Society “sex by eight, or it’s too late.” Now its “start at five, why deprive.”

Harcourt Anti-Life Publisher

Growing in Love (GIL), hereafter referred to by this writer as, Growing in Filth (GIF), is the successor to the infamous New Creation sexual catechesis published by William Brown and Co., now called Harcourt Religion Publishers (HRP), who made the rounds of Catholic schools in the 1980s.

The parent company of Harcourt Religion Publishers, producers and distributors of GIF and other Catholic religious textbooks is Harcourt General, Inc. of Chestnut Hill, Boston, a multi-billion dollar anti-life, pro-homosexual publishing conglomerate.

In May 1999, Harcourt’s Health Science Company, Churchill Livingston, produced A Clinician’s Guide to Medical and Surgical Abortion - “the first clinical reference on abortion practice to be published in the United States in over fifteen years.” Unlike Harcourt’s Catholic HRP textbooks, which bear the imprimatur of Archbishop Jerome Hanus Archbishop of Dubuque, the Harcourt abortion manual carries the imprimatur of National Abortion Federation. Other Harcourt publications promote population control, contraception, sterilization, arbortifacient chemicals and devices, eugenics, and “gay and lesbian” studies. Harcourt also participates in Planned Parenthood’s employer matching donor plan.
Clearly, Harcourt is neither a friend of the Roman Catholic Church or to the unborn child. Catholics should not be filling the coffers of the killer conglomerate. As for the imprimatur on HRP catechetical texts including GIF, it is as appropriate as a Jewish good-housekeeping seal would be for I.G. Farben [the company that produced Zyklon B to gas Jews in Nazi Germany].

Opening the Door to Vice

Growing in Filth not only represents an important paradigm shift in the degree of perversity in Catholic sex instruction programs, but also a marked shift in the nature of sexual acts described in such curriculums, that is, a shift from almost exclusive heterosexual practices to those of “gays” and “lesbians.” In the matter of the moral formation of Catholic youth, instead of employing “those remedies which produce the double effect of opening the door to the virtue of purity and closing the door upon vice,” GIF, opens the door to vice while driving out the virtue of purity. (1)

Growing in Love puts sex in the form of child’s play. The problem is, of course, that while the child is being subtly seduced to engage in adult sexual behavior, there is no comparable development at an emotional and psychological level. This artificially produced sexual stimulation interferes with the child’s normal maturation process and brings about a multitude of harmful consequences. In this program, as in all so-called sex education programs, the child is robbed of his right to be a child as the latency period is systematically trashed. Both his spiritual life and intellectual life are truncated and overshadowed by a precocious and unnatural sensuality. The child is being turned from his final end who is God and taught to worship the gods of sensual pleasure and vice. (2) It is a truly diabolical act, made doubly so, by the fact that GIF is packaged as a form of religious training and formation and bears the official Imprimatur of the Church from Archbishop Jerome Hanus of the Archdiocese of Dubuque.
The purulent obsession of GIF’s authors with genitalia, orgasms, foreplay, erections, masturbation techniques and oral sex are reminiscent of a Masters and Johnson training seminar and reveal much more about the authors’ motivations, I think, than they intended. They bring to mind George Orwell’s quip that “There are things so foolish, that only intellectuals can believe them.”

Particularly harmful is their ill-disguised attempt to focus the young child’s mind and imagination on the sexual acts of their parents. The placement of such voyeuristic fantasies in the impressionable mind of a child can lead to perverted fixations and sexual neurosis in later life.

The authors of GIF also reveal their ignorance of human nature in thinking that by giving the young child a detailed organ recital they are somehow communicating to him the great mystery of the marital act whereby “two become one flesh.” Children as we know are keen observers but poor interpreters. They are more likely to associate the marital act, as described in GIF, as an act of aggression against the mother by the father, than an act of love. ….. [Full text in original format is available on request from Randy Engel, author of Sex Education The Final Plague at].



Anonymous said...

*"The parent company of Harcourt Religion Publishers, producers and distributors of GIF and other Catholic religious textbooks is Harcourt General, Inc. of Chestnut Hill, Boston"*

Mary Ann,

Is HRP an arm of "Catholic" Boston College? I notice that the address is the same area. Curious.

Catechist Kevin

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I asked Randy Engel about your question. Here's her response:

No, as I far as I know there are no connections. A number of churches do, however, have publishing houses in or about Chestnut Hill.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mary Ann

As far as I can tell - the only thing going for BC is Peter Kreeft.

As for Harcourt publishing "Fr." Sparks' materials - good grief! With "Catholic" publishers like these, who needs secular leftist publishers?

Anonymous said...

Please send me the web sites for the Fr. Sparks letters and whatever other websites I can refer to, I am a new parishioner at Sts. S&J and do not understand why they deviate from what I was taught. I am an octogenarian with not too much time left; no kneelers or traditional masses. I attended the audiences of last 2 popes, birth catholic, Jesuit education, and find the changes too dramatic and alien for me. I am not too swift with the computer. Married 57 year. I do not like the liberalism and all the social activism direction. KOC 50+ years.