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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ideological Subversion: It's Far Advanced in the United States!

Former KBG agent, Yuri Bezmenov was interviewed in 1985 about the Communist strategy of destroying a country from within. It involves four stages and, twenty years ago, he saw the process already well advanced in the U.S.

You see it today in the growing movement toward crisis precipitated by massive spending and the advancement of immorality. It is throwing our country into moral and economic chaos. Review the stages below and then watch the video. Can it be stopped? Absolutely, but only through a miracle of grace. Americans must wake up!  Resolve to pray and fight with a rosary in one hand and the sword of truth in the other.

1) Demoralization: The process takes place over a generation as the young are brainwashed to the degree they can no longer make rational connections. I see that in discussions on Facebook with the young hving a knee-jerk reaction toward conservative principles and a mindless acceptance of homosexuality as "normal." Exposure to the truth doesn't matter as they spout the politically correct platitudes of the liberal culture. It illustrates Bezmenov's point that the individual will not believe the truth even when he is given proof. Destabalization is far advanced int he U.S. It is necessary to retrain a new generation to counter it. How many young people do you know who are totally brainwashed about "choice", homosexuality, the welfare state, global warming hysteria, etc.? No matter what you say to them or the scientific evidence they spout their personal "truth" saying, "That may be true for you, but not for me." Home schooling is the great countermeasure against cultural brainwashing in the public schools.

2) Destablization: Over the course of about five years essentials are attacked: the economy, foreign affairs, defense, etc. Marxist/Leninist ideas are promoted with government intruding into more and more areas. This is very advanced in the U.S. and the Obama administration has put destabalization on the front burner doubling the debt in his first year and removing all obstacles to immorality.

3) Crisis: Bring a country to crisis where the free market is destroyed, government takes over more and more elements of the society, etc. Leaders promise loads of cures to placate the populace as they put more controls in place. Haven't we seen this in spades since Obama was elected? Crisis in housing; government takeover. Economic crisis in auto and banking; government takeovers. Continuous hysteria over all kinds of things: global warming, the flu, etc. The leftists, including the intellectuals, participate in the destabalization, but are no longer needed once the process is in place. They think they will come to power and often become bitter enemies of the Marxist/Leninist society they help put in place when they are marginalized. They are often imprisoned or executed.

4) Normalization: Cynical expression for the takeover under tyranny. It's shown literally by the history of Soviet tanks moving into countries and dictators taking over. Sometime the country becomes a "benign dictatorship." Can it happen here? Study history!

This is a small excerpt from a long interview which you can watch in a fascinating nine part series on YouTube.


Old Bob said...

Hi, Mary Ann, excellent post and video (but how many will heed it) !

My dad, FBI 1938-1970, used to say that those who help the communists take over a country will be the first to be executed: "If they can make a revolution for us, they can make one against us."

When I was a kid in the fifties, the saying, "You have outlived your usefulness, Comrade," was a popular commentary on the communist way of doing things.

I remember rather well the riots in East Germany and Poland in the mid-fifties, and remember very well the Budapest rising of 1956. I would urge your readers to find and read The Bridge at Andau by James Michener. I blogged about it, but I can't remember when.

nancy J Kokstis said...

"Exposure to the truth doesn't matter as they spout the politically correct platitudes of the liberal culture. It illustrates Bezmenov's point that the individual will not believe the truth even when he is given proof."
This quote has been reverberating in my mind the last day. I've been applying it to a sister who told me she would not teach anything that was not Catholic, yet continues to use heretical books and DVD's for book discussions/teaching. I've been asking myself for the last couple years, "Why does she not know the Truth? Why does she not know what is Catholic Teaching?" From this article and quote, I believe many sisters and priests have been indoctrinated by the Leadership Conference of religious, and in "Catholic " Universites and seminaries.