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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Biggest Bullies on the Block!

Every time I read "gay" propaganda about anti-bullying, I shake my head. Homosexual activists are the biggest bullies on the block. They terrorize those who oppose them, even making death threats. Here's what a  reader sent me about pastor Chuck McIlhenny who was a minister in San Francisco in the 1970s before the murder and secular canonization of Harvey Milk.
Rev. McIlhenny fired an organist on a morals charge for being a practicing homosexual. The man sued and the minister won the case. Later Rev. McIlhenny's house and church was fire bombed and threats were made to sodomize his son. No one was ever charged with the crimes. I heard this minister talk back then on a pro-life radio station and he was no fanatic who hated homosexual men. He just spoke out calmly against the behavior. Needless to say, he left the state and took his family. After that all hell broke loose in San Francisco, and the AIDS epidemic came. He wrote a book about his experience called "When the Wicked Seize a City4." That should tell you something about how bad it is down there at times.
Now that's bullying!

But it was a long time ago, you say. So let's look at some more recent examples from the Alliance Defense Fund:

It was a Sunday morning in early December 1989. The late Cardinal John O’Connor was just beginning his sermon in St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Suddenly, shouts came from the congregation.
“You bigot, O’Connor, you’re killing us,” yelled one angry man. Others quickly joined him from the militant homosexual group ACT-UP, who stretched themselves out in the aisles or chained themselves to pews. O’Connor tried not to be flustered and went on with the service. As he continued, the police arrested 43 protesters, carrying out on stretchers those who refused to stand. One irate individual made his way to the altar for Communion, took a wafer, and threw it on the ground.
Flash forward to 1993 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In November 1992, the voters of Colorado passed Amendment 2, which would have denied those who practice homosexual behavior special rights. The man who helped get Amendment 2 on the Colorado ballot, Wil Perkins, was sitting in his normal pew at Village Seven Presbyterian Church. Just before the pastor got up to read the morning Scripture, more than a dozen radical homosexual activists leaped out of the congregation and bombarded the parishioners with condoms. 
But how about now?

Here's what happened to Peter Vidmar recently for daring to support traditional marriage by contributing to Proposition 8. The former Olympic champion and motivational speaker was selected as Chief of Mission for next year's Olympic games in London. No sooner was he named than the "gay" bully machine went into high gear smearing him for daring to go against their "right" to equate anal sex with marital intercourse.You can read about his case and others here.

Some homosexual activists aren't just bullies, they're often foul-mouthed, violent bullies. If you read their comments on blogs and websites they are laced with profanity and threats against anyone who dares to question their perverted view of life. They often wish evil on their adversaries and their children and talk about sodomizing them. They name-call which I've experienced personally being labeled an "ultra right wing nutbag" and a "silly cow" among the printable comments.

Anyway, my point is that for schools to engage bullies to teach anti-bullying is insane! But anti-bullying isn't really what "gays" are after. They want a platform for selling their lifestyle to kids. Anti-bullying is just a convenient  pretense for getting access to kids and screwing with their minds. "Gay" activist, Daniel Villarreal, recently admitted it in a column he wrote saying:
We want educators to teach future generations of children to accept queer sexuality. In fact, our very future depends on it....Why would we push anti-bullying programs or social studies classes that teach kids about the historical contributions of famous queers unless we wanted to deliberately educate children to accept queer sexuality as normal?
At least the guy's honest. He reminds me of the pro-aborts with their signs "Abortion on demand without apology." But is this what we want for our children? If Christians don't have a right to proselytize in the public school classroom, why do homosexual activists?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mary Ann, for posting that. When they make an "innocent" hero out of Harvey Milk, I think everyone needs to know the climate of what was going on then and now. Of course, I am not approving of Milk's murder, but his actions led to the death of many, many young men from AID's and other diseases and injuries they got from listening to his encouragement of evil, disease-ridden behavior, especially in the bathhouses in S.F. He was no hero whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

That is if it was murder. Maybe many people on that jury knew some things the rest of us did not or do not know.

Anonymous said...

[Thank you, Les Femmes. Found this web gem - a preview, maybe, of what's to come eventually! Edie]


I'm a little kid and I feel that inside of me there is a real adult.
Yes, I have what you could say is an "adult identity." I know I was born an adult because I never did choose to be an adult.
Since I'm really, really an adult deep down inside, why is it I'm not allowed to go to "adult only" places and act like adults?
I mean, kids in Palestine can carry adult guns. Kids in other Muslim places can cut off heads in videos. And kids in San Francisco can watch gays having sex in public, so why can't "adult" kids like me act like those adults?
If a man can be the "woman" inside of him, and if a woman can be the "man" she says is inside of her, I demand to live out the "adult identity" that I know is really, really inside of me!
Since a cat may think he's the "mouse" inside of him, and since our "Christian" President can be the "Muslim" inside of him, I demand the right to be the transbeing adult that was inside of me even before I was born!

signed, Charlie (I mean - Mr. Brown)