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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kudos to Catholic University for a Common Sense Policy!

Catholic University is reinstating men and women's dorms. Let's hear it for common sense! They are already being threatened with a lawsuit. Common sense these days is so foreign it must be attacked in court.

I remember the first time we visited our daughter at UVA where she lived in a co-ed dorm with single sex floors (only choice). It was a Saturday morning and as we walked down the hall to her room we passed a guy in his boxers coming out of one of the girl's dorm rooms heading to the girls' bathroom. Did I mention the reek of vomit as we entered the building? No wonder UVA had a rep as a "party school," orgy school would have been more accurate from our observation. Our son, who joined his sister two years later, ended up with a roommate who woke him up one night humping his girl friend across the room. When he called us about it distraught, he begged me not to contact the school. I acquiesced and told him to let his roommate know if it happened again he would turn on the lights, open the door, and tell his roommate he was going to sell tickets.

College administrators used to take seriously their role in loco parentis. They established policies for the protection of their students. Dorms had rules. Opposite sexes were restricted to the public portions of the dorms. Students had to sign in and out from campus so their whereabouts were known. If someone didn't return by curfew, somebody was concerned and looking for them. Now, young people, who may never have been away from home, before are considered instant adults with no supervision because they happen to be in college. And many become casualties of the license (which they call "freedom") they are not ready to handle.

So kudos to Catholic University. I haven't dropped a nickle in the annual diocesan collection for years. Maybe this year, with cautious optimism, I'll write a check.

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