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Friday, June 24, 2011

Have you noticed we live in loonyland?

Thanks to Ray for alerting me to this story about the growing police state. If it weren't so pathetic it would be hilarious -- like one of those old melodramas. You can almost see the Animal Control Officer and the Keystone Cop ramping up against the scourge of Georgia and his family. The moral of the story -- just leave the wife and kids in the car and take the dogs into the store.

How I Learned The Truth About The State


Anonymous said...

This sounds as if it is like San Francisco where one can kill a child in the womb, but, "Heaven forbid," do not let your dog have a dirty dish or you can be fined. If they keep this up, no one will want a pet, and all these excessive animal rights activists will have to take care of them themselves. I remember the couple next door renting the house, who did not want us to take our fir tree out because it was getting into the plumbing. Later I offered them a small Christmas tree that I needed to get rid of, but it was no deal. In other words, they did not want to take care of any of these, just complain. They had no children, no pets and really no property of their own, of course. Evidently, they did not want to take care of anything or anyone, just make other people's lives miserable.

Anonymous said...

Yes. I noticed that we live in loonyland and that the inmates are in control some time ago - years, in fact. I tried warning others, but no one would listen.

It makes it difficult to maintain one's sanity, don't you agree?


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Check out my post today. Soon one will have to be a brain-washed envirowhacko lemming if they want to graduate from Maryland public schools.

Ray Schneider said...

You have to link to the particular post Mary because otherwise by the time someone links to brambles the story may not even be on the screen that renders. We definitely live in looney land and this is just a small example. I should probably start maintaining a link-list of these looney-nesses.

Things like the kid that had his feather collection taken away when he took it in to school because it included feathers from song birds. He hadn't hurt any song birds just collected feathers they'd left.

Or the kid that was suspended for having a little plastic key chain ornament of a pistol.

Or the whole idea that boys can no longer carry scout knives.

Or the fact that if you have some aspirin because you have been having headaches you'll be sent to the principle and possible be suspended for have, horrors, drugs.

We live in a society that has totally lost any semblance of reasonable proportion and much of it is centered on the schools. If I had children today I would not let them anywhere near a school public or private. They are all infected with this nonsense.

I don't understand this insanity. It is very peculiar. It suggests really that most people don't think, they are merely conditioned to believe things and react to them, not think them through and form their own opinions. Sad!

Anonymous said...

When I worked at a public school here in California, even the teachers and workers were not allowed to bring knives to school. I am not joking -- not even pocket knives. I imagine some of the men got away with hiding them on their person, but I was never told about it. I had to open the boxes that contained the new textbooks with my keyes. I am very adept at opening boxes with keys, but I wonder how long my keyes would have lasted had I not retired -- and early. I could see all this craziness coming. When I asked why the single restroom for employees and parents had "Men" marked on the one in the north hallway and "Women" marked on the single one in the south hallway, even though they could be locked and both men and women used them, I was told that by law we might not get two of them (which we defintely needed) if they just put a unisex sign on the door. That was when I knew common sense had gone out of use for sure.

Anonymous said...

Ray, I agree.

A few years ago, I asked the Prioress of the Carmelite Monastery here in town why so many young girls did not persevere. I said that surely not all that leave don't have vocations, some that leave actually do.

She said the same thing - these young people do not know how to think. Plus, she said, they cannot take correction. If you try to correct the smallest thing, they go bananas. I attribute this to all that self-esteem nonsense that they have been brought up with.


Ray Schneider said...

You are right about not taking correction Veronica. I see that all the time. To challenge their ideas is equated in their minds with saying they are bad people or something and they go ballistic.

I had a girl take me to the Dean because in a class on Calculus for Business Majors she had asked me if I could stop using symbols and just use numbers. I was astounded and asked "Didn't you take College Algebra?" That was enough. She went to the Dean and said I'd humiliated her in class. What?

And we worry about critical thinking. Maybe we should worry about thinking at all. I don't know if it is the self-esteem thing, but having self-esteem when you don't deserve any is just as bad as having no self-esteem when you do deserve some.

Objective truth is an important concept that is no longer taught or believed in many circles. That leads to bad places.