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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Vaccines From Aborted Baby Stem Cells

Want to know what vaccines were developed by cannibalizing unborn babies and using their stem cells? Here's a great resource.

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Anonymous said...

I am really tired of people promoting vaccines as bad. The bottom line is that vaccines save and improve the quality of life. People who decide not to vaccinate are relying on those of us who do to remain safe. These scare tactics are riduculous. Nobody is aborting a baby just to develop a vaccine. People who choose to have an abortion do it to so as not to have the responsibility of a baby. People who choose to have babies need to make sure that those babies are vaccinated to stop the spread of horrific diseases. My daughter is blind in one eye because she contracted measles at 9 months old, before she was old enough to be vaccinated. We'll never know exactly where she contracted the disease, but our city (Chicago) has seen a huge resurgance of measles in recent years. Other people's negligence cause this. I can't believe any reasonable parent would choose to risk their own or another child's life by not vaccinating. That is the opposite of pro-life.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

People who oppose vaccines from aborted babies are NOT anti-vaccine. We simply want moral alternatives. For example, there is a new polio vaccine using aborted babies, but there is also another vaccine made morally. The moral measles alternative has been pulled from the market. Your anger is misplaced. Why are companies forcing those who oppose the murder of children to use vaccines developed from aborted stem lines.

As regards the explosion of vaccines, parents need to be aware of the dangers of the disease vs. the risk of the vaccines. Gardisil has killed and maimed a number of young women in order to "protect" them from a disease that is treatable and less serious than the impact of the vaccine.