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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cheer up, things could get worse...

And economically they will.

The Deficit Is Worse Than We Think

Most people in our dumbed down culture have no idea of economic realities. Remember when our moms said to us as kids when we were asking for something -- "Money doesn't grow on trees!" Well, a lot of people today would say, "Of course it doesn't; it comes from 'Obama's stash.'" But the piper is coming demanding to be paid and what happens when the treasury is empty? The piper takes the children. In a way, that's exactly what's happening. We've indebted our children and our grandchildren and the debt load is so heavy that they will be wage slaves of an out-of-control government that sees them as nothing but "taxpayers, consumers, and cannon fodder." (Thanks to Clyde Wilson and Chronicles for that insight.)

Society precedes government and the purpose of government is to protect, not control, society. We've created (or allowed) a monster to live among us and terrorize us, literally eating our children through funding Planned Parenthood's murderous agenda. We've got to take back government before it totally destroys us.

Ora et labora.

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