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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It isn't just the Church that opposes birth control pills!

The "Cancer-Causing Convenience" All Women Should Avoid

Here are some of the risks a woman faces from use of oral contraceptives according to this article:
Cancer: Women who take birth control pills increase their risk of cervical and breast cancers, and possibly liver cancer as well.
Thinner bones: Women who take birth control pills have lower bone mineral density (BMD) than women who have never used oral contraceptives.
Heart disease: Long-term use of birth control pills may increase plaque artery buildups in your body that may raise your risk of heart disease.

Fatal blood clots: All birth control pills increase your risk of blood clots and subsequent stroke. And if your prescription contains the synthetic hormone desogestrel, your risk of fatal blood clots nearly doubles!
Impaired muscle gains: A recent study found that oral contraceptive use impairs muscle gains from resistance exercise training in women.
Long-term sexual dysfunction: The Pill may interfere with a protein that keeps testosterone unavailable, leading to long-term sexual dysfunction including decreased desire and arousal.

Migraines Weight gain and mood changes Yeast overgrowth and infection
Since there is no conflict between God's moral teachings and science, this information is not surprising to Catholics. You can't fool Mother Nature because her laws were made by the Creator.

Obviously I don't agree with the recommendation for all the other gadgets offered as "safer" alternatives that directly attack the good of pro-creation, but it was encouraging to see Natural Family Planning presented positively. It is the only method that enhances a couple's relationship while they remain open to life. It is morally legitimate to use when there is a serious reason to delay pregnancy or avoid it altogether. Couples who practice NFP rarely divorce, which is certainly not true of other birth control methods.  

Follow Catholic teaching for a healthier, happier life!

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