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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Delightful Daylily

I went to the lily farm today to pick out some daylilies for my garden. If you've never planted lilies, you are missing the easiest garden perennial around - much easier than roses. You plant them and pretty much just enjoy them for 5-10 years with very little effort including weeding. Lilies spread and the foliage is dense so weeds get crowded out. My lily beds require much less weeding than other flowers. And when you finally have to separate them, you have wonderful gifts to share with friends or to transplant in other parts of your yard. I love to see the plants in my garden that came via the largesse of other gardeners and I love to share with them as well. I also love the freebies I get when I thin and separate and transplant. My lily beds are growing and I hope to have a wave of coloful lilies filling my side yard. Right now I have eight varieties but plan to keep adding and expanding.

If you live within driving distance of Winchester, VA give yourself a treat and visit Thumper's Daylily Farm. They have hundreds of varieties to choose from and half the fun is the delightful country ride to get there. And the proprieter, Patsy Simpson, is an encyclopedia of information on daylilies. Enjoy!

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