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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

And Whose Business Is It Anyway?

The Catholic Sistas has an interesting article about the Duggars and the animosity against them (which I personally experienced viewing a vicious video on YouTube). Are you familiar with their family? The parents, Michelle and Jim Bob, are unabashed Christians who are expecting their 20th child and, yes, each and every one is their biological offspring. They offer tremendous witness to a world that sees children as doll objects -- valuable if you want them, trash if you don't. They are certainly counter cultural.

But they weren't always.

Jim Bob and Michelle started marriage like many couples -- contracepting. After four years they decided it was time to have a baby. After his birth, Michelle went back on the pill, but became pregnant again and then miscarried. At that point, with the witness of a pro-life doctor, they read the pill packet insert and realized its potential to kill children. They repented, put their family and the number of their children in the hands of God, and the rest is history.

It's amazing how many people judge and condemn the Duggars for no other reason than the size of their family. "They're insulating their children from the world, they don't believe in 'diversity,' they only associate with people who think like they do, they homeschool so they must be nerds." And, of course, they are irresponsible for having so many children! You would think these critics were supporting this family, but instead the Duggars work hard, built a 7000 square foot home debt free, and they're children are hard workers as well. There is no welfare mentality in this home! And they give all the credit for their beautiful family to the Lord.

I love the Duggars! They remind me that St. Catherine of Siena was the 21st child in her family, that large families who love God and put Him at the center create fertile ground to make saints. It makes me appreciate the beautiful families in our parish who take up an entire pew on Sunday. May they prosper and grow in love.

Visit the Duggars' website and take a look at their latest book, A Love that Multiplies. Check out this video relating how the oldest Duggar son helped save the life of a little girl. And now -- If you haven't met the they are.


Anonymous said...

You forgot that they also receive a hefty sum from TLC for putting their children on television - estimates are between $40,000 and $95,000 per episode. Additionally, they earn money from their books. So essentially they are earning an income from publicizing their family. I have no problem with the family or their choice to have as many children as they desire. But by doing it on television, they open themselves up to both compliment and controversy. I also find it interesting that they choose to prohibit their children experiences that they themselves admit they enjoyed and learned from as children and young adults. And I watched the "courtship" of their eldest with interest. I don't care how Godly a person is, you can't really know someone's character until you spend time alone with him or her. I hope none of those young adults have an unpleasant surprise waiting for them in a marriage to someone they don't really know.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

You bring up some good points, but to be fair, the Duggars didn't start out making money from TV. And so what if they do? They are a real life Brady Bunch. Obviously you can't believe everything you see on reality TV, but neither is there any reason to believe the worst about them.

And, frankly, I see no problem with a couple doing their courting in front of family. Do you really think they were never alone taking a walk in the neighborhood or riding on the ferris wheel at an amusement park? Young people can be alone in a crowd.

Courting in front of others protects young people from raging hormones and, frankly, I think that's a good thing. And it used to be the norm.

Anonymous said...

At our faith study last evening we were speaking of the family of one of our priests (young, in most senses of the word for priests these days....37). He comes from a family of 18!

What in the world is the problem with this?

Nothing, I say!

"Saying there are too many babies is like saying there are too many flowers."Blessed Mother Theresa

Catechist Kevin

Cherie said...

No, anonymous is right - they are never without a sibling or parent chaperone before they are married. They are not even allowed to have a private conversation. One episode showed how they have to talk on speakerphone so that others can hear what they are saying. Even the actual proposal is chaperoned. It is nice to have family around and to meet people of similar backgrounds and interests but I think it would be difficult to really know someone when you've never had a private talk. Especially since they seem to be in favor of young marriages.