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Friday, November 4, 2011

Herman Cain and the Liberals' "High Tech Lynching"

I wondered how long it would take the liberals to go after that uppity black, Herman Cain, and I'd say they waited just until he hit the big time in the polls. (No use wasting the "bork" and "anita hill" techniques if they aren't necessary.)

But the liberals apparently decided that Cain is a real threat. With the prospect of race being immaterial in the next election with possible loss of some of the black vote (Gotta keep those darkies on the liberal plantation.), the man has to be destroyed. Funny...when liberals like Bill Clinton and Teddy Kennedy grope and harrass women and are accused of rape, they get the "boys will be boys" treatment and the stories are buried. But any unsubstantiated accusation will do against a black conservative. And, by the way, what exactly is Herman Cain accused of us? Nobody knows. "Sexual harrassment" is a meaningless term. A man can be accused for bending over and tying his shoes. ("Horrors, he tried to look up my skirt!") Wolf whistles and calling a woman an attractive young lady these days are considered sexual harrassment.

And who gave legs to this non-story? Ken Vogel, a liberal with ties to George Soros aided by the mainstream media. There are no facts about the accusations, only innuendo. Who are the accusers? -- oh yeah, "anonymous sources." Wonder if one of them is named Anita Hill.

And here's a point of information. The fact that the Restaurant Association settled two cases proves nothing. My husband used to be the senior civilian at the Marine Corps Systems Command. They settled a number of spurious complaints to avoid the wasted manhours fighting. Unfortunately, that's a reality in our suit-happy society. So an organization "settling" is no proof that anything happened.

As for the guy in the video below with his "outrage" over the use of the term "high tech lynching," get over it. We use all kinds of similar rhetoric: political "suicide," character "assassination," He made a "killing," "Kill" the messenger. The use of the term "lynching" is pretty metaphorically accurate when you are trying to destroy someone's reputation and career, which is exactly what's happening here. And this makes me more pro-Cain because it proves how much they hate him. If he were a faux conservative like John McCain, they'd be all for him because it would give them two horses in the race. But Cain appears to be the real deal.

Think I'll send him a contribution.

MRC's Bozell: Herman Cain Predicted a "High-Tech Lynching;" Sadly, It's Come True


Anonymous said...

I agree with you that the media is operating under a double standard for black conservatives and that the media has unfairly jumped to conclusions. However, I'm sure you know as well as I do the racial connotation that the word "lynching" carries. One would have to be ignorant of decades of American history to think otherwise.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I'm not sure I understand your point. Of course it has racial connotations! Rich white liberals go after black conservatives with a vengeance. And try to destroy them if they can. Hence the absolute appropriateness of the term "lynching." Blacks either stay on the white, liberal plantation or suffer the consequences.

So Faye Wattleton who helps to advance the Rockefeller's population control agenda is a good black. But Clarence Thomas who believes in hard work and responsibility and conservative principles is an Uncle Tom.

The most racist people on the planet are liberals. They think blacks can only make it with Uncle Sugar's welfare programs and affirmative action plans because they're too stupid and shiftless to make it on a level playing field. It's insulting and patronizing.

Alice said...

That people who disrespect the long standing definite definition of a word like "marriage" or who refuse to use the term "pro-life" would make such a fuss about the way another person uses a word is pretty laughable. Words have definite meanings. I looked up the word "lynch" in my daughter's Newbury House dictionary. "Lynch: verb, to attack and hang someone accused of a crime without any legal process. Example: Cowboys lynched the cattle thief after they caught him." Sounds like the word is being used accurately to me.

Ray Schneider said...

So far the accusations against Herman Cain amount to at most making remarks that are anything but clearly provocative.

If this is what the left does to a black conservative their hypocrisy is showing. Bill Clinton routinely groped women without their consent and has been accused by multiple women of rape, but that was just fine with the same crowd lynching Herman Cain. When are we going to face up to the fact that there is more than a double standard. The left is fundamentally immoral and decidedly calculating in what they do. They are perfectly willing to promote violence, just look what has been happening in Washington, and they are only trying to smear Herman Cain to implant doubt so they can make sure he doesn't get the nomination because they are supporting Romney, chief RINO.