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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Deals with the Reality of the Welfare State

When I read this article I just had to laugh.

The Occupy Wall Street crowd are blaming the cops for sending derelicts and the homeless down to freeload at the park. Are they kidding? Since when did the homeless and hugry need an invitation? They have a homing instinct for whatever contributes to self-preservation. And word spreads fast when free food and free love (keeps a body warm) are available. Besides, isn't helping the poor what OWS is all about? What are they complaining about? It's an opportunity to show they're serious.

As the article says, "Welcome to the problems of operating a welfare state, Occupy Wall Street." And since police aren't welcome in Zuccatti park, the "security committee" with no authority and no power to impose anything has its hands somewhat tied. I can hear the folks now saying, "Who do you think you are to tell me I can't (Take your pick: do drugs, get drunk, have sex, get in a fight, cuss folks out, defecate in the bushes, urinate on somebody's tent, steal a sleeping bag, etc.) This is the reality of anarchy. Get used to it.

Meanwhile, the rest of us can enjoy the spectacle. Maybe New York City will soon be back to normal as the nutty place can be.

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