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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Now What Exactly is the Occupy Movement About?

You thought it was about attacking Wall Street Greed? Well, in this video it's clear that it's about attacking Christianity. Anyone who disagrees with the homosexual agenda will be among the Occupy targets. Two thumbs up for the Christians who refused to be intimidated by the drumbeating and mindless chanting. Making more noise than your opponent is not an argument.  I would suggest that in the future, Christians respond with song. "Amazing Grace" would have pierced the darkness.


Anita Moore said...

I would suggest that in the future, Christians respond with song. "Amazing Grace" would have pierced the darkness.

Actually, I think a more appropriate selection would be the Te Deum. I bet the Flea Party would not in the least know how to react to that. Praise of God always confounds the devil and his agents. Plus, a hymn of thanksgiving is an appropriate response to being found worthy to suffer persecution for His Name's sake.

Old Bob said...

That clip reminds me of a few things:
one, the student doings on campus in the 1960s;
two, (looked this up) a land Gulliver visited where the Houyhnhnms, horse-like creatures, were humans, and the Yahoos, human-looking creatures, were brute beasts;
three, a passage somewhere in the Narnia chronicles where one of the children remarks how much easier it would be if the people who had beastly souls had beastly looks so one could tell who they were;
four, the Gospel parable about the wheat and the weeds (tares, cockle) growing together until Judgment Day, when they will be separated;
five, a speculation whether people who have given their souls to the Devil are really human anymore.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I agree, Anita, but these religious folks are Protestant so they probably wouldn't know the Te Deum and could hardly be expected to respond with the rosary or the St. Michael exorcism prayer which I think would be most helpful.

Anita Moore said...

Mary Ann, won't kill them to have their horizons broadened!

(And the same goes for Catholics who don't know the Te Deum. All Catholics ought to know it. Both score and audio are available on the Internet, so we are running out of excuses.)

Brantigny said...

Wiat a minute, is that all they have? Must not bee to many homosexuals wh believe that stuff or the homosexual population is much smaller than the media would have us believe.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

LOL! I don't know it either. I just listened to Joseph Haydn's version and I will listen to the Gregorian chant. But I admit that I prefer Non Nobis Domine.

Veronica said...

A "Dies Irae" would do the trick.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Some straight-forward preaching with a bullhorn would have done the trick. As it is, the forces of darkness (and that is what they were) did eventually leave. Funny how that happens when Christians display some cajones and yes, some vim and vinegar. Nothing wrong with a little volume of sound. My hats off to them.