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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

For the Hypocrites in Hollywood

Aren't word derivations fascinating:? I learned today that the word hypocrite comes from a Greek word, hypokrites, that means play actor. Hypocrisy comes from hypokrisis which means play acting. Isn't that delightful? It puts in perspective all the spouting off of actors and actresses and movie directors making seven figure salaries as they point the finger at those greedy CEOs on Wall Street.

Who among the hypocrites has been out parading their hypocrisy at OWS events? Let's see: Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, Alec Baldwin.  Roseanne Barr actually recommended the guillotine for the greediest CEOs, she who made about $20 million a year in her last season on the telly. One wonders how much of her largesse, some of which no doubt came from those greedy businesses advertising on her sitcom, she shared with the 99%. Perhaps she gave at the office.

Ah yes, the Hollywood and New York entertainment elite are better at condemning the greed of the rest of us as they laugh their way to the bank. This article suggests they engage in a little personal wealth redistribution to avoid the oh-so-accurate portrayal of themselves as hypocrites.

So how 'bout it, Hollywood elite, how 'bout it New York nightime hosts....share that salary with the prop guy and wardrobe gal and the poor gopher who fetches your coffee. And get up outa that chair with your name on it and let the poor workers take a seat while you serve them for a change. And please...don't do it while the cameras are rolling to show what a comrade you are to the downtrodden. That just makes your hypocrisy all the more apparent.

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Anonymous said...

The 2 people I know who are hyped up in favor of Occupy Wall Street. One is a well-off retired Hollywood writer - my brother. The other is a USC college student who comes from a well-off background - my nephew.

The rest of us are working too hard to make a living to really care about the 'faux' concerns of these law breakers. The other day my husband who works on the 25 floor of a building in LA. told me he could hear those occupy idiots who were chanting with their bull horns for 2 hours. Yes, 25 floors up...