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Friday, November 11, 2011

This is Global Warming?

We're having snow flurries here in the valley this morning. And we had a five-inch snowfall in October. Gosh, it makes me grateful for manmade global warming. Can you imagine what it would be like if we were having global cooling? Oh...I forgot. The new term is "climate change."


Tom said...

Really? You don't believe in climate change? Don't think that humans can affect our planet? Wow. I am... speechless at that one.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

While you're speechless, how about digging up some evidence that hasn't been cooked up by the global warming gurus.

Or have you forgotten the IPCC spokesmen who lied about data, bragged about keeping the scientist "denyers" from publishing in peer reviewed journals, and the high profile scientists like the founder of the weather channel who has very publicly criticized the bad science going into the "climate change" hysteria?

As for your question about humans affecting our planet. We can certainly pollute a city or a river; whether we can change the climate of the planet.... Where's the data? Don't give me a computer model that claims to be able to predict what's happening in 100 years (or even ten) when you can't predict the weather accurately for 24 hours.

Anonymous said...

Mary Ann, You've got the lingo wrong! It's no longer referred to as "global warming!" Now we are being fed the phrase "climate change." When we use the term "climate change," we can accommodate both cooling trends and warming trends and still attribute changes in global weather to human behavior...oh, and earthquakes too.

Really, it's sooo cold today. It's high time to start curbing the number of children people are allowed to have. "CO2 Emmission overload" and "Carbon footprints," you know!

Please stay up to date on your brainwashing lingo!

Ray Schneider said...

We clear have some influence on the climate because there are heat island effects around the large cities. But that's because there are large structures of concrete and asphalt that absorb and reradiate the heat.

CO2 is a minor greenhouse gas which is essential to life on the planet. It is a trace gas in the atmosphere currently at about 392 ppm and it has been much higher in the past as well as somewhat lower.

There is no particular evidence that man's contribution, nominally around 3% is a driver. All the hoopla about warming comes from climate models using flawed data to generate contrived results. If the models were any good they would validate over much wider ranges than they actually do. They amount to local curve fits with lots of adjustable parameters. There is no sign that they have particular predictive value.

It has been much colder in the past and much warmer in the past. It's called weather. We are in the process of entering the next ice age which will take several thousand years so a little global warming, if indeed it happens, would be most welcome.