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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Got Courage? This Man Does!

Call LGBT Movement by its Real Name: Evil

Robert Oscar Lopez was raised in a two-mom family after his mother divorced his dad and shacked up with her same-sex partner. Now he speaks out about the abuse of children by inflicting on them a dysfunctional way of life that leaves permanent scars. Here's just a bit of the article:
I had a recent meeting with a priest, who ... said, "You are fighting against real darkness." He was referring to my involvement in a movement to protect the rights of children to be raised by a mom and dad... 
Little in my life prompted me to speak in terms of good and evil prior to 2012. 
It was a year ago, however, in an article in The Public Discourse, that I came forward with a truthful critique of the LGBT movement. That movement and its problems were something that I knew more personally than almost anyone in the world, since I'd been raised from my toddler years onward in a gay household, and I came out as bisexual myself the same year that my mother passed away. 
My piece in The Public Discourse on August 6, 2012, "Growing up with Two Moms," wasn't grounded in religious condemnations of homosexuality. It was, rather, an uncensored summary of what life was like for a child born into leftist utopian dreams gone awry. It did not seem implausible for me to love my mother yet concede that her divorce from my father and her taking up with another woman for almost all the years that I was being raised by her caused me lifelong wounds that never healed. 
The gay lobby had few ways to rebut my point, so they had to resort to vomiting out random insults. 
Pray for this courageous young man. His voice, like the voices of abortion survivors, are the most powerful against the forces of evil. A repentant sinner loves the Lord with a zeal so powerful it changes hearts and minds. Our Lady of Sorrows, I invoke you as a channel of grace for Robert. Hail Mary, full of grace....

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