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Monday, August 12, 2013

St. Michael the Archangel Can You Please Defend Us from the Vatican Sculpture?

Traditionally St. Michael the Archangel is depicted in sculptures, icons, and holy cards wearing full armor and in a manly pose fighting God's enemy the devil. Here are a few traditional views of the great archangel:

Now take a look at the new sculpture of St. Michael placed in the Vatican garden unveiled and dedicated on July 5th with both Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict present. It is anything but manly, traditional, or clothed in armor. This nearly nude St. Michael stands, not in a position of strength, but like a girl arching her back for a Victoria's Secret ad with his left arm and hand in a very feminine position. And where exactly is he jabbing that spear? 

Now this is what the statue reminds me of: Just turn her in the other direction, give her a spear, and take her clothes off and voila -- St. Michael..


Jeanne Holler said...

Well said dear friend.
Cover St. Michael PLEASE with a Fatima T-Shirt .
I found the new statue very feminine and offensive to say the least!

DisturbedMary said...

I recall the statue was unveiled about the time our Supreme Court gave the nod to sodomite marriage. I barely (eh, eh) noticed the body. I couldn't get my eyes off of where he is spearing. The statue is worth it just for that. And his face is manly in that classic sculpture kind of way. I'm fed up with gay, gay, gay, gay, gay and pretty amazed that a statue of Lucifer getting it in his importance passed ecclesial muster. Gotta love it just for that.

Sancte Alphonsus said...

Get rid of the other offensive pictures! You are held responsible for creating occassions of sins of others by posting indecent pictures needlessly on your website!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

You surely can't mean the girl in pants so I presume you mean the angel. I'm not sure I agree that it's "indecent," certainly immodest, but I'd rather err on the safe side.