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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Georgetown: It's Just Not Catholic Anymore

How Georgetown Became a Gay Friendly Campus...

...and completely lost its Catholic identity. Just check out campus events. This is NOT about treating gays with respect as children of God. No, it's all about promoting the gay lifestyle and the gay agenda. Same sex kiss-ins, the nauseating, pornographic Vagina Monologues, a drag ball called Genderfunk, gay pride month: these are all events with an agenda - and it's not knowing, loving, and serving God! It's high time Georgetown had its Catholic identity stripped to match the reality of its hedonistic anything-goes philosophy.

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DisturbedMary said...

At 2 Masses yesterday I heard the praises of the Jesuit founder. All I kept thinking was how dislocated the brainy homosexualist Jesuits are especially the priders who run Universities. It would be a blessing to our culture and our church if these oh so arrogant brilliant men would send back their degrees along with their baptismal certificates.