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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Quote of the Day: "Who Made Barack Obama the Wyatt Earp of the Global Village?"

Good question, Pat Buchanan! [See more here] and consider the consequences to the U.S. of attacking Syria: ANOTHER war intervening in the Middle East...and on the same side as Al Qaeda for heaven's sake.

The President may NOT declare war on another nation. The Constitution gives CONGRESS the power to declare war. This business of letting presidents get away with deciding unilaterally what countries to attack is outrageous and a clear dereliction of duty by the spineless cowards on the hill. Congress should veto any act of war contemplated by this tyrant. First of all, there is no evidence that the Syrian government launched the chemical attack. There doesn't even appear to be any desire to find out. we go again with another claim that a nation is using weapons of mass destruction with no evidence of who is really responsible.

Are we on the cusp of World War III?
There is no doubt the Middle East is a powder keg. Russia is warning the west to stay out of it. Syria has challenged the U.S. to prove that government forces used the gas rather than the Al Qaeda-backed rebels. Pat Buchanan asks cui bono, who benefits? It certainly isn't Assad who is being attacked on all sides. The real benefit is to the Al Qaeda backed rebels want the West to intervene against Assad. Isn't it plausible that they are responsible for the massacre of hundreds of Syrian civilians, expendable collateral damage to achieve aid from the West? Al Qaeda certainly never balks at murdering hundreds or thousands of innocent people, including with the use of gas attacks. An Al Qaeda plot to gas the New York subway system was foiled in 2006. Have people forgotten the lessons of 9/11?

The U.S. going in guns blazing won't bring back to life the hundreds killed by poisoned gas. What it will likely do is raise the body count and more innocent civilians will suffer and die. We don't need another war president intent on a "quick" in and out attack on a country that hasn't attacked us. And what kind of retaliation can we expect if we do it?

Everything Obama touches escalates to more violence. He's an expert at increasing racial tension and his incompetence in foreign affairs is clear from the Benghazi debacle. Congress needs to tie his hands before he drags us into another bloody war.


Dorothy Newhouse said...

You do have a point. Making war will not bring back those innocent souls but we can give them vengeance!


DisturbedMary said...

Great timing...Congress is on vacation and the first anniversary of Benghazi is Sept 11. War anyone?

Meanwhile where is the detailed proof it was Assad? How was the chemical agent delivered? What kind of chemical? Why no pictures of the village where the victims were found? All we have are horrific videos of children gasping or dead. ...and John Vietnam war hero Kerry insisting that the evidence is undeniable? (Yeah, like climate warming is undeniable.)

Why don't we ask ex-bomber John McCain -- he seems to be our goodwill ambassador in the middle east. Surely he knows who gave the bad guys chemicals. Surely he can explain why Assad would attack women and children with nerve gas in such a public and clumsy way, just as he is winning over the "rebels."

And why not use drones? Target the bad guys with "surgical precision."

Remember how they called Bush a cowboy. Well 54% of Catholics gave us this current cowgirl. Our Church is busy readying a big amnesty campaign. God forbid they said anything about the gravity of attacking and provoking world war without proof. They have the blood of abortion on their hands for their silence about the cowgirl president. We have a homosexual government whose policies promote the Muslim Brotherhood and the destruction of Christianity. The Republicans are paralyzed in the face of evil or happy to cooperate.

We the people are abandoned. Everything happening is outside of our reality. My prayer is that if this escalates, Washington DC becomes ground zero. Thankfully there are plenty of maps of where the Capital, the White House and all the golf courses are. I say good riddance to the whole rotten bunch.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

But Dorothy, According to Scripture, "'Vengeance is mine,' says the Lord." Not only that, but if man takes vengeance he at least has the obligation to make sure he is going after the guilty folks. Where is the evidence that the rebels, who have most to gain, didn't unleash the chemicals?"