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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Ultimate in Creating Your Own Reality

Teen Transgender Couple: Boy Was [Is] a Girl and Girl Was [Is] a Boy

Pray for these two mixed up young people. No matter how many surgeries they go through and hormones they take, every cell in their bodies identifies them as male or female. God made their DNA and it puts to the lie their "love" story. This is what happens when life is defined by feelings and when sexual dysfunction is normalized. What's next? Using technology to get a baby so they can expand their world of make-believe? In the meantime, think of the scandal they are causing by encouraging other youngsters to follow in their
footsteps. And note, if you watch the video, that it's all about "me:" my feelings, my pain, my crush, etc.

Same-sex attraction is a cross and Jesus told us to "pick up your cross and follow me." There are many crosses in  life that are no less challenging than same-sex attraction. Here's a story of a man who has accepted his cross. His is the story of inspiration, not the narcissistic "love story" above.

Meet Paulo Machado, the man who has lived in hospital for 45 years

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