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Friday, August 16, 2013

Jane Fonda Plays Nancy Reagan in The Butler

The thought of Jane Fonda playing Nancy Reagan is so ridiculous it just makes me laugh. And the absolute gall of her telling veterans who plan to boycott her latest film to "Get a life!" is nauseating. But then so were her traitorous actions during the Vietnam War. I wouldn't spend a nickle to see anything she's in!

No matter how many face lifts and air-brushed pictures fill the internet, no matter how much makeup she slathers on or how much she arranges her hair to cover her wrinkles, she is still an old lady whose days are numbered. She'll be 76 in December and it would be a good thing for her to think about getting an eternal life. Maybe I'll force myself to watch one of her movies and offer it up as penance for her salvation. On the other hand, offering a rosary would be more beneficial. Jacinta of Fatima, victim soul for sinners, please pray for Jane Fonda. As a champion of child-killing she is in serious danger!

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