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Friday, August 23, 2013

Pravda USA: the National Catholic Distorter

The Conrad Hilton Foundation has awarded the dissenters' rag, the National Catholic Reporter (aka the National Catholic Distorter), a $2.3 million grant to propagandize for the dissident nuns. NCR will have no trouble finding them since they feature loads of anti-Catholic nuns as regular writers including Sr. Joan Chittister, a long-time rebel against the faith. You can be sure that the nuns publicized with this grant money won't be the Mother Teresas of the world. Nope, watch for the nuns in polyester pantsuits marching for the wetlands, riding on the bus, and demonstrating outside military installations. Don't expect religious orders like the Little Sisters of the Poor or the Sisters of Life or the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist to be given a voice. They don't fit NCR's dissident agenda.

Keep in mind that several bishops have called for NCR to drop the word "Catholic" from their name since they are anything but. The paper refused. $2.3 mil will buy a lot of Pravda-style propaganda for the dissident nuns who've made it very clear the Vatican can't tell them what to do!

1 comment:

Old Bob said...

There's no "Pravda" in NCR!
("Pravda" = "truth" in Russian.)