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Friday, October 11, 2013

From a Friend: The Truth about Obamacare thought Obamacare was going to be "free" and your rates would go down? Wasn't that one of Obama's promises? And you believed him? Who did you think was going to pay for the mandatory coverage of abortion and contraception (and maybe sex change operations down the line?). And who did you think would pay the premiums for all those millions being added to the rolls who can't afford it? No doubt you thought Obama was just going to sock it to the rich (except himself and his cronies, of course). Did you think he was going to exempt and give waivers as political paybacks? 

Has reality set in yet? 
A friend posted this on his Facebook page:
I got my letter from Aetna today telling me what my "new" rate will be under ObamaCare for my HSA plan: an increase from $479/month to $913/month. I can raise my consulting fees to cover the increased costs, but the vast majority of Americans can't raise their income. The lower-middle and middle class is getting screwed beyond belief.
He's not the first to let the world know how much Obamacare is helping his family.

Are you a young person? Watch your premiums skyrocket. Did you vote for Obama? Don't ask me for sympathy if you did. Oh, I know, you thought he was so compassionate and was going to help the poor. You didn't know that meant he was going to make you poor.

I'm on Medicare, unwillingly, but government has eliminated my choice by mandating that my supplemental will only pay for things that Medicare won't pay for.

But isn't coercion a lovely thing? And won't it be wonderful when eldercare rationing is implemented? No hip replacement for you, granny. The death panel says you're too old to make it cost effective.

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