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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Just saw Gravity...Beautiful!

If you like those gorgeous pictures of earth taken from space, don't miss Gravity. The movie is gorgeous, the special effects of weightlessness are incredible, the spiritual element is subtle and inspiring, and there isn't a single moment of God's name being taken in vain or any gratuitous violence or sex. The explosion and fire scenes are amazing! The only down side was the movie was so intense I felt exhausted when it was over. On a few occasions I felt like my daughter (when she was little). We were watching a movie where a farmer was stalking a raccoon he thought was eating his chickens' eggs. As things got more and more intense she suddenly shouted, "I need a commercial." I felt that way a few times. And if you tend toward motion sickness you may want to take a Dramamine before you go. Spinning out of control in space is disconcerting.

Sandra Bullock is amazing. What a feat to be able to sustain a film almost single-handedly for about an hour of the ninety minutes. I've always liked her acting, but this was amazing. Astronauts who've seen the film say it has the right feel even though some things aren't quite right. My physics-trained brother quibbled with a few things. But on the whole it was great! Movies like this make you realize how good Hollywood could be if they lived up to their potential.

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