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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Obama Holds Old Faithful Hostage!

Tourists in Yellowstone were treated to "Gestapo tactics," and held as virtual prisoners in Yellowstone National Park's lodge, but those shilling for Obama's immigration agenda were able to demonstrate on the "closed" mall. Seems it's only closed for WW II vets trying to view their monument and tourists who want to see the open air monuments like the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials. The Park Service claims it's because the immigration demo was a first amendment affair.

Hmmm....Seems to me that the "right of the people to peaceably assemble" also covers tourists wanting to teach their children about our government and our forefathers. If a family comes to Washington, they should have the same right to "peaceably assemble" on the national mall as a group of 200 community organizers seeking amnesty for lawbreaking illegal aliens. And what do you want to bet that those who were arrested get off scot free while anybody (like priests) breaking Obama's petulant rules get the full force of the law?


JUST IN: Obama has ordered all the geysers in Yellowstone National Park not to erupt until Republicans accede to his demand for unconditional surrender on Obamacare. In a press conference this evening, Obama spokesman Jay Carney told assembled journalists that Republicans are responsible for Old Faithful's forced furlough. "If you want to see the 'guy'ser again, you'll pay the ransom and pass the budget with full funding for Obamacare. We don't negotiate; we bloviate. Get used to it!"

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