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Monday, October 28, 2013

The Fruit of Abortion: Murdering Newborns

Don't you's the "in" thing!

That Victoria’s Secret baby is just the tip of a disturbing trend

A baby born alive and smothered by mom? What's the big deal anyway? She had the right before birth to kill the kid; she just extended her right fifteen minutes. So why should anybody be upset? "Ethicists" have suggested giving the right of materfamilias to kill the baby after birth if it's defective. What's a defect? Ugliness? New babies are pretty ugly -- all purple and splotchy and sometimes pimply and coneheaded. And if the kid is screaming in the night a few weeks later just put a sock in his mouth to shut him up. Yup, that's the Planned Parenthood culture. You plan not to have a kid and you have the right not to have a kid no matter what you have to do to achieve your right to choose not to be a parent. Killing babies may make the Washington Post's In List this New Year's. It's been in the Democrats' platform for years! And who are you to judge that it's a barbaric practice and a crime against humanity? We came from the jungle remember? Survival of the fittest...and the biggest. Better start your Kung Fu and weight training for when they come for you.

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