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Monday, October 21, 2013

Kick Out the RINO Bozos!

After reading my brother's blog this morning and the article he links to, I'm joining the "kick out the bozos" club. Along with building my own list of Republicans I will never vote for (Consider that you bozos with national ambitions), I also pledge to NEVER contribute to an establishment Republican fund-raising group. I will support individual candidates and Constitutional groups. I will NEVER give to the National or State Republican Committees or any other committee married to the establishment.

I have considered myself an independent Republican for some time, but I'm finished forever with voting for a "moderate" Republican who will stab me in the back. Why contribute to my own abuse? Tea Party patriots are getting the same treatment these days that pro-lifers have gotten for years -- the "You have nowhere to go" treatment. That argument only works for my Catholic faith (I'll never leave no matter how many bad bishops fill the chanceries), but it doesn't cut it for a political party.

The RINOs may as well all join the Democrat Party they have capitulated to so often, because they are insuring that Republicans will never win a national election again. They have no principles they are not willing to throw out the window if they think it will help their reelection or fundraising chances. 

So good-bye John McCain, John Boehner, Pete King, Eric Cantor, and all you other pathetic excuses for Republicans. All you've ever given real conservatives is the back of your hand and I'm not taking your abuse any more!

Wow! That felt good. 

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