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Friday, October 4, 2013

The Barry and Harry Show Invades the Church

I'm not sure who first called the game-playing dems the "Harry and Barry Shutdown Show" but he got it right. And the motto is "Sock it to 'em, baby!" with "them" being the American people. But now the Game has moved into the Church with all "contract" priests who come in to do liturgical services in military chapels being forcibly furloughed and told they may not even volunteer to say Mass. If they show up, they've been warned they'll be arrested. No Mass, no Baptisms, no Confessions, no Marriages by these priests! In some places it's no big deal because there are other parishes nearby where servicemen and women can worship. But what about inaccessible places out in the desert or foreign countries that aren't Christian. This is an incredible violation of the first amendment rights to freedom of worship. And it's all a very deliberate political game to make people suffer. As the anonymous park policeman told The Washington Times, “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.” Amen to that! And it ain't conservatives doing it.

This is nothing new. The Harry and Barry Show ran to rave (Democrat) reviews during the sequester when agencies were told they couldn't minimize the sequester's impact but were to make sure the results were as "dire" as Obama predicted. They weren't.

The game was bad enough when it involved monuments and open air parks that operate 24/7 with hardly any park service presence, but now it's religious persecution. Obama the tyrant speaks and the minions and peons must grovel at his feet. For the first time in my adult life I'm ashamed of my country. Well, not my country really-- but the elitist moral eunuchs who wield power, not for the common good, but for their venal powerful ambition. Namely Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and company. This shutdown has unmasked how evil the Democratic party is. They're funding their buddies at PBS who shill for them but refusing to fund NIH cancer treatment for children. Watch Harry Reid's disgraceful antics and his hypocritical response to the reporter's question, not to mention his personal insult of her "intelligence."

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