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Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Letter to the Tulsa Mayor about the Black Mass

Want to send the mayor of Tulsa a letter about the Black Mass being said at the Civic Center Music Hall? Here's his comment page and below is the letter I posted. Tulsa can become known as the City that Champions Hate! But what do you think? Would they really allow any of the events suggested below?


I heard about the Black Mass being said in your city and want to know if the hall is available for a burn-the-Koran event.

Oh...and then I'd like to organize a skinhead rally where we have a virtual gas chamber with "Jews" in yellow stars who die on stage. We thought that would be very dramatic.

Our group has sooooo many good ideas. Might as well make it a "trifecta" of events. How about a lynching of effigies of Martin Luther King, Jessie Jackson, Charlie Rangel, and Al Sharpton?

We are very excited about the willingness of your city to offer such a lovely venue for all kinds of speech.

Please let me know available dates for these events.


Margaret Hansen said...

Its in Oklahoma City, Not Tulsa.

rdt9866 said...

The Black Mass is not being held in Tulsa. It's being held in Oklahoma City.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks for the correction. Should have used a different source than The Examiner. Guess I'll send the same letter to the Mayor of Oklahoma City.