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Friday, August 22, 2014

No Riots Over the Murder of This Teenager!

Oh, yeah, because it was a white teen murdered by blacks. No whites marching to protest the killing and demand the black perpetrators be brought to justice! No white looters ripping up the town Ferguson style! No Redskins' tribute or Denton becoming a household word with people praising him for being a "gentle" guy. Just families mourning for their children since a subsequent accident en route to the hospital took the life of Ward's date, Lauren Bailey Crisp.

Here's the story in brief. White college freshman Denton James Ward was beaten to death at a McDonald's near Texas A & M by a group of black thugs looking for a fight. He was coming to the rescue of his friend who was also beaten, but survived the attack. The media in typical politically correct fashion ignored the obvious racial hate that precipitated Ward's murder. Here are a few paragraphs from David Paulin's article on the killing:
Incredibly, the race of the assailants was scrubbed from local news coverage; and utterly missing from tersely written wire-service stories about a Brazos County jury’s whopping $27 million negligence verdict on July 30 against “University McDonald’s” – an outlet owned by the Oak Brook, Illinois-based fast-food giant. What the media considered unmentionable nevertheless loomed over a riveting seven-day trial, which came amid the growing phenomenon of black-on-white violence — unprovoked attacks on whites and black mob violence like the so-called “knock-out game.”...
The media’s handling of this case was no surprise: political correctness rules in America’s newsrooms. But imagine a hypothetical crime: two clean-cut black couples go into University McDonald’s during the daytime – and are viciously attacked by a mob of whites. An international media circus would erupt! Big-time journalist from all over the world would descend on College Station to deal with the deplorable state of America’s race relations caused by bigoted whites. President Obama would weigh in with a few comments about America’s racial sins; and Attorney General Eric Holder – just like with the Ferguson disturbances – would travel to College Station, where Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be leading protest marches.
But the narrative they’re promoting is false. 
It obscures where most of the hate is coming from. Crime statistics have long reveled the real problem: high levels of black-on-black violence, followed by black-on-white violence and mob attacks — and the latter has been on the increase at an alarming rate, underscoring deep pathologies in a growing black-thug subculture — even as liberals in the mainstream media and Washington are unwilling to acknowledge this fact.
The myth of scores of young black men being murdered by police and white racists is nothing but that -- a myth. Instead, what you see are whites increasingly marked for assault for no other reason than being white and being in the wrong place. Note that, in this story, several blacks assisted the girls to get their dates in the car and escape.

The moral of the story? If you see a group of young black men, especially after dark with pants down around their knees, their underwear showing, bare-chested, loud, and crude...hightail it out of there. Don't wait to become the next victim of the knock-out game or a random killing for killing's sake. The one black convicted in this story got three months in jail for his part in murdering Denton Ward. After all, he's the real victim don't you know?


newguy40 said...

I've trained my two now adult boys situational awareness. Every where you go, you must know who and what are around you and where a threat may occur. As well as exits and lines of retreat. I worked 2 summers in various parts of Chicago in the early '80's. Some pretty dicey areas. Never had a problem and never looked for one. I kept my head on a swivel and rarely if ever had eye contact with anyone other than those I had to address related to the job or task.

There are some very very bad things going on and we must be aware of them physically and spiritually.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

It's too bad Texas A&M didn't train its students during orientation. They must know about the danger spots in the area. So tragic! We can thank liberals for destroying the black family and creating a society where so many young black men are filled with rage. I feel like we are back in the age of the barbarian invasions! God help us.

newguy40 said...

"God help us"

I'll spare you the video link of the ISIS toddler beheading a doll.

Folks think I'm a nut but I keep encouraging us to a life of the sacraments, penance, prayer and mortification. God (and Roman Catholicism) are the only things that will help us.