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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thoughts for the Day from St. Augustine

Happy Feast Day, St. Augustine!

I think every Catholic must be familiar with St. Augustine's statement (which I put in poem form to remember):
O Lord, you made our hearts for thee
And ever restless will they be
Until they rest in thee.
But there's another saying that makes me reflect frequently on my life and what I'm doing:
It is better to do great good among few than little good among many. 
Toward the end of his life, St. Thomas Aquinas put down his pen calling all his brilliant writings "straw." Well, my writing doesn't add up to a pile of cow pies. And my grandkids are the treasures of my life, each a pearl of great price. With several home schooling families who would happily enjoy some assistance from Gramma, I wonder if putting down my pen and putting on my apron is a better use of my time.

Prayers for discernment would be most welcome.

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