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Monday, August 18, 2014

Does this Explain Robin Williams' Despair?

Robin Williams Acknowledged He Channeled Demonic Spirits For Comedic Power

We are all the product of our choices and there's a price to pay for the choices we make. Choosing God and His will takes us out into the light. Choosing Satan takes us further and further into the dark. Pray for Robin Williams and other entertainers who are willing to sell their souls for fame and fortune. It's a bad bargain! 

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newguy40 said...

"Does this Explain Robin Williams' Despair?"

Only partially. I'm not sure at what point in our lives our decisions and actions become irrevocable and then irreversible.
One has only to look and compare Judas and St Peter. St Peter repented and re-converted. At some point, Robin Williams took the demons on to help him achieve success and fame. He seems, from the linked article, to have acknowledged that freely. But, he would not repent and seek Jesus. If he had, perhaps, he would have been saved from the demons and damnation? But, this is another valuable lesson for what happens when we chose to willingly or not so willingly dabble in the demonic. It is best not to let any of that crud into your life ever. The consequences are dire as we know.