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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Liberal Press Threatened by Ferguson Looters

Well ain't that just too bad. The liberal press has helped to create a barbarian jungle in our cities where some residents use any excuse to riot and loot, and now they are the targets. Guess the chickens have come home to roost! You help foment racism and division and are surprised when whitey reporter becomes a target of aggression? Wake up and smell the coffee.

Ferguson Rioters Harass, Threaten Reporters

"The Washington Post’s Wesley Lowery reported on Twitter that one looter “just threatened to pull knife” on him and other reporter outside a liquor store that was being cleaned of inventory....
"The experience of being aggressively confronted and sometimes threatened over photographing and video-recording the riots was common enough that most reporters on scene huddled in small groups far away from the actual theft, vandalism and rioting. 
"Many veteran photographers wore helmets — fearful of being hit by flying objects or rubbery bullets. (Police did not fire rubber bullets, though the Associated Press reported that tear gas was briefly deployed.) Some reporters wore gas masks.
At least one print reporter removed the camera he was carrying from his neck and returned it to his car because of the harassment and intimidation. In other cases, print journalists were forced to repeatedly insist that their iPhones or other smartphones were not recording to demonstrations who confronted them."
Here's one black man who's fed up with it! He's calling for blacks to change! Bravo! The black Christian community has always been guided by strong moral convictions. You folks in the street are listening to the wrong people. Ditch Al Sharpton and listen to the spiritual brothers of Martin Luther King! And stop using any excuse to loot, burn, and destroy!

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