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Friday, August 1, 2014

Fresh Air Fund: What a Great Program!

I'm not blogging much this week because we are hosting two little girls from New York City through the Fresh Air Fund. What fun! They had never cooked hot dogs and s'mores over a bonfire! They loved it!

We've also been to see the llama lady. Did you ever feed a llama by offering a cracker held in your mouth?

We picked blackberries at a local farm, gathered wildflowers and made arrangements,

 put puzzles together and played games. Every night before lights out we have stories and songs. If you've never heard of the Fresh Air program check it out. Maybe you'd like to join the fun next year. Our two little granddaughters are thrilled to have two new friends to play with.

And two of our grand nieces who are about the same age have enjoyed being part of the excitement as well. I think there may be some pen pals in their future.

We're sure glad to be part of the Fresh Air Fund and hope to continue as long as our health (and energy) holds out! What's more fun than a gaggle of gorgeous little girls having fun together?

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