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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Islam Conquering the World through the Halal Movement

Halal is sacrifice to Allah, in other 
words, sacrifice to an idol which is 
forbidden for Christians and Jews

Thanks to Creeping Sharia and Kirralie Smith for the following information:

Halal certification fees of billions is a modern day invention which began in the 1990s. There are three choices for Muslims for dealing with non-Muslims: 1) violent jihad, 2) conversion, 3) dhimmitude through jizya tax. It is this third choice of dhimmitude in the form of jizya tax that we are dealing with when it comes to halal certification where Muslims exercise dhimmitude (slavery) over Western civilization. It is a global push for Islamization. 

And where does the money go? Sixty percent of halal food is controlled by Muslim Brotherhood organizations and ends up funneled into the hands of Islamic organizations which support terrorism. It is being done by stealth and we fund it every day through our grocery purchases.

The halal movement has the strength to lead Islam to rule the global economy as food and other services are the basic need of every human being. The end goal is that Allah’s religion is victorious over all others

The realm of halal certification has evolved from just meat and poultry to cover downstream processed goods such as dairy, confectionery, personal care ($560 million in halal cosmetics alone) and medicine. Companies are now clambering to be halal certified where EVERYTHING is halal compliant - from the transport of products, to the buildings, to the products themselves and even to finance which of course is Sharia finance.

Purina pet food is
Sharia halal compliant
Halal certification affects pharmaceuticals, finance, animal feeds, personal care and health supplements…even Muslims' CAT FOOD must be halal, such as Purina Fancy Feast Cat Food, therefore Purina is Sharia compliant.

Halal processes must be adhered to at every level of production including the feed that the livestock eat, the financing of the business, the logistics processes and so on. This has a huge impact on economies and methods of practice. This will affect primary producers, manufacturers, investors and retailers in ways we can only begin to comprehend.

For example, the grain that the cattle eat is halal certified, so is trough they eat out of, the farm they live on, the actual syringes and medicines used, the vehicles they are transported in, the abattoirs they are slaughtered in, the packaging the meat is packed in, the trucking transport again to markets, and finally the shop the halal food is sold in must also be certified as being halal. The financing all the way would have to be Sharia compliant, which means that the companies, in order to be Sharia compliant, cannot use their monies to invest in the other companies that involve pork industries, the alcohol industry or even Western defense forces.

Buyer beware - some companies who pay the Halal certification dhimmi tax refuse to put a halal label on their products (Nestle, Kelloggs, etc.) so as a result of companies' hidden deception we fund terrorism without knowing it.

The halal industry is so big, so enormous, that it's right up there with oil - that's how big the halal industry is. It wants to go global, become a global economic power. There are clear strategies and deliberate steps being taken right now to merge these industries in such a way that Islam won’t need all out violent jihad to dominate the world. We will have done it ourselves through our grocery purchases.

Our greatest enemy is not Islam, halal certification, politicians or multinational companies. Our greatest enemy is APATHY. Apathy is the glove into which evil slips its hands. If we do nothing, we WILL be overtaken by Islam.

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