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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

What Better Way to Promote Marriage between a Man and a Woman? Thank You, Judge Gorsuch!

Well, now we have two truly honorable married men in high levels of governement -- Judge Neil Gorsuch and Mike Pence.

The media made a big negative deal out of Mike Pence saying he won't eat alone with a woman. Omigosh, you'd have thought he'd personally taken away the women's vote and passed a law that they have to wear burkas and can't go out in public without walking three steps behind their husbands.

In actuality, Mike Pence showed himself to be prudent and to have deep respect for his marriage.

One idiot tweeted that he obviously didn't have any self control. Others said it hurts women because the wheeling and dealing is often done over late night cocktails. Cosmopolitan and The Atlantic both ran whiny articles. How can women possibly advance if the boss won't meet with them one on one?

Really? What nonsense!

When we lived in Alexandria our catty-corner neighbor was a Congressman from Missouri. He was almost always home for dinner because he loved spending time with his wife and three daughter, one of whom was good friends with our oldest. He mowed his own lawn on the weekend wearing a mask because of his allergies. He obviously cared about his wife and family. They both volunteered with the neighborhood swim team. Family was clearly a top priority for them. Mike Pence isn't the only politician with enough sense to know what you need to do to protect your marriage. I imagine Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Monica Lewinsky, and other women seduced, raped, and groped by sleazeballs like Bill Clinton feel very differently about the standards set by godly married men. Mary Jo Kopechne would no doubt still be alive.

How many men on Capitol Hill (and in the White House) have shown themselves to be womanizers and rakes rather than men of integrity? Setting a standard where you don't have private work meetings and candlelit dinner with women alone is simple prudence. It not only protects the men, but the women, as well, many of whom are also married. Do women really need to have one-on-one dinners with the male boss to feel professional? That actually sounds unprofessional to me.

My son Neil with baby saved in D.C. in 1978.
I worked for the government after graduation for a few years. I was on the fast track for promotion. Had I not decided to come home to raise our five children (two at the time, a 2-year-old and a newborn), a vocation that trumped being a government executive, I have no doubt I would have reached a high level over the years. I was being groomed for it because I entered government at a politically correct time when women were quickly advanced. Did I meet with my boss? Yes, in his office with the door open. Did I socialize with him? Yes, my husband and I often played bridge with him and his wife. But I decided that a government career wasn't the life I wanted. I wanted to be the one who formed the minds and souls of my children. I wanted to hear their first words and see them take their first steps. I didn't want  a babysitter to be the one who most influenced them in their development.

I preferred to make a big difference to my children rather than making little difference to a government bureaucracy. So I quit working after my second child was born and never looked back. My only regret was that I didn't quit sooner. As St. Augustine says, "It is better to do great good among few than little good among many." I used those years at home to form the characters of my own children, to offer a shelter home to unwed moms, to give presentations about the right to life and the evil of abortion in schools and wherever I could find an audience , and to save babies targeted for abortion's scalpel by praying, picketing, counseling, and rescuing.

There's one other factor that comes into the private meetings with women. Even the most innocent event can be turned into a raging scandal by media spin. Putting oneself in situations where photos can imply compromising events (even if untrue) is stupid. We know what the culture thinks about the values of a Neil Gorsuch or a Mike Pence. There's no doubt in my mind that dishonest Democrat shills in the mainstream media would be on the lookout for anything to discredit good men. Why make it easy for them?

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