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Thursday, April 20, 2017

When the Tail Wags the Dog...Be Careful Whom You Trust.

How many untruths have you swallowed whole today? How many have you "forwarded?"

OnePeterFive has an important article by Steve Skojec about a website that claimed to provide inside information about scandalous goings on at the Vatican. And Just Like That, Fra Cristoforo Vanished

Skojec questioned the authenticity of the website and lo and behold it disappeared shortly after. Was the author, supposedly a priest, really an "agent provocateur" creating scandals where none existed? Was it really a priest, but one who was outed and ordered to cease and desist? Or was the site illustrative of a reality described by one person commented on the article who wrote, "The blogosphere, including the Catholic blogosphere, is infested with trolls, liars, kooks and bottom feeders." Alas, that is true, but he leaves out one other category, the silly and naive.

This article emphasized for me the need to love the truth and be constantly vigilant to affirm it. To believe something serious without evidence is foolish and, in these crisis times, foolishness help to Holy Mother Church. She needs defenders and warriors who are prudent, wise, and vigilant.

Ronald Reagan made famous the Russian proverb, "Trust but verify." Any Catholic blogger who really wants to help the Church needs to be so vigilant for the Truth (Christ Himself) that he or she never, ever passes on something as true, especially something important, that cannot be verified.

My mom used to say, "Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see." Not such bad advice in these days of easy editing and photo-shopping. And so I offer as a thought for the day: Make sure the tail you see wagging really has a dog on the other end who is responsible for its movement.


Roe Antinore said...

I totally agree with what you are saying in this blog, MaryAnn, but how do we find the truth. For instance, you and I have talked about Pope Francis and his silence on the situation of divorced and remarried Catholics receiving Holy Communion. How do we find out what he really means by Amoris Laetitia and his silence on the dubia matter. I am so confused on this subject. Where do we find the truth?

TLM said...

Absolutely correct Mary Ann. I became somewhat suspect even before Steve came out with the first article of caution about Fra Cristoforo. Being 'on the inside' of Vatican happenings but not wanting to divulge his name on such shocking information that may or may not have been true and without any 'proof' given was just a tad suspicious to me. I watched his posts cautiously, even understanding his need for invisibility. What I thought strange was that the information he was giving would surely give him away to his Vatican adversaries without him ever having to sign his real name to his posts. Why would he even take that chance? Unless........he was one of the adversaries reporting fake news trying to throw the faithful off the beaten path of the Vatican in order to distract them? When Steve came out with his first article, I completely agreed with him.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Hi Roe,

We can find the truth in the doctrine of the Church that has been handed down since the beginning of the Church and held in common by the magisterium throughout the ages. When a document conflicts with the unchanging teachings of the Church, it cannot be trusted. That is certainly the case with the Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia. Also the U.S. bishops' document Always Our Children, the U.S. bishops' document that had to be corrected by the Vatican because of some of its terrible contents on homosexuality. Even after correction it's a terrible document and, in fact, some of those involved in its development (Fr. James Schexnayder for one) were homosexuals with an agenda.

It's pretty clear that Pope Francis can't be trusted. We've had bad popes before so no one should get wrapped around an axle about that. The answer to all this is become a saint. The holier we are, the clearer our minds will be. Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us. Padre Pio, help us to pray, hope, and not worry.