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Monday, April 17, 2017

Monday Thoughts on Darwinian Evolution

The Greek philosopher Parmenides, 6th c. B.C.:
 "Out of nothing, nothing comes."
I found myself at our Easter festivities in an interesting discussion on evolution with one of our guests. It got me thinking about all the reasons I think evolution doesn't make sense, especially in terms of a loving and personal God. So let's just look at a few.
#1 -- God so loved the world that He sent His only Son to suffer and die for us. Did Jesus walk out of the sea one morning as an adult and begin His ministry? NO! Like each of us made in God's image and likeness, Jesus was conceived in the womb of mother. She was specially prepared to be His holy tabernacle, preserved from original sin to be a fitting prenatal home for the Christ child. Would a God who did that create the first human in the womb of an animal and have that infant child raised by a brute beast? I sure can't see that! The Bible tells us God called us by name. He loves us intimately. His first miracle was at a wedding feast. God loves the family and so I cannot believe our first parents were raised by monkeys or wolves. It doesn't compute.

#2 -- Sin brought death into the world. But Darwinian evolution is based on death -- eons and eons of death and the cutthroat belief in survival of the fittest. But if death brought sin into the world, what caused all that death before the creation of our first parents and their first sin? That doesn't compute either.

#3 -- People create conflicts where none exist. Let's look at the Cain and Abel story in Genesis. Cain says he'll be killed by the nations, but, people ask. where did all the nations come from of whom he's afraid? From Adam and Eve, of course. Who said Cain and Abel were their first children? Adam and Eve were made perfect. They had no diseases, no genetic malfunctions. They were created in perfect integrity of intellect, will, and passions. When they were expelled from the Garden of Eden they were still healthier and more intelligent than any of us living today, but with an inclination to sin because of their rebellion against God. They could have lived hundreds of years because their bodies were not prone to disease. Say they had thirty children in the first 50 years of their life. At the end of the first generation, there could have been 15 families. When my mom died at 83, she had something like 37 grandchildren and over 40 great grandchildren. And that's just the offspring of one couple. Adam and Eve were told to multiply and fill the earth. I have no doubt they did just that. And like Abraham and Lot who separated because of their numbers and the conflicts among their respective tribes, Adam and Eve's children would have done the same.

#4 -- The fossil record shows all those pre-historic men. So who came first -- Adam or Cro-Magnon man? Adam of course. Any intelligent being is made in the image of God so all intelligent beings had to come from Adam. But sin makes you stupid. So after Adam's first sin, when man began to commit other sins, why would you not find him degenerating quickly? Look at all the snowflakes today who don't appear able to string together two rational thoughts. Can you imagine them surviving in the wasteland for five minutes? Could they figure out how to make a fire or a trap to catch an animal? When you rebel against God you don't believe in nothing; you'll fall for anything. So what did God do? He called forth the chosen people to be his instruments of moral reestablishment in the world. 
I'm sure there are some reading this shaking their heads and spouting platitudes about science being rational and religion being superstition. But frankly I find atheistic Darwinists to be the most superstitious of all. They believe the great god NOTHING made EVERYTHING, something a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher knew was ridiculous.

But they believe in the great gods named NOTHING and CHANCE. That is their religion. Consider that the etymology of the word religion is from Latin: religare - meaning to bind fast. There is no one more "bound fast" to his opinion than an atheistic Darwinian evolutionist. His faith in his disbelief is every bit as doctrinaire as the most fundamental of religious fundamentalists.


To McFadden (Sr.) said...

"But frankly I find atheistic Darwinists to be the most superstitious of all. They believe the great god NOTHING made EVERYTHING, something a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher knew was ridiculous."
Comment: I'm more sympathetic with the atheist Darwinists than with the Catholic theistic Darwinists. Most of the atheists have never known God, never had the sanctifying grace of the sacraments or heard the voice of the Magisterium. Relying on the maxim that “there can be no conflict between true science and true religion because God is author of both,” many Catholics, lay and clerical, sincerely believe that theistic evolution blends faith with scientific credibility. But the school kids are not “buying” it and to refuse to acknowledge that they aren’t buying is self-inflicted blindness.

Richard Dawkins, world-famous evolutionary biologist and best-selling author of God-denying books such as The God Delusion and The Blind Watchmaker ridicules theistic evolutionists: “Theistic evolutionists are deluded.” Watch this 1-minute video as Dawkins explains why. It is a powerful testimony from an atheist who understands the incompatibility of evolution and Christianity.
Theistic evolution is a hodgepodge of Catholic doctrine mixed with the conventional wisdom of the “evolution story.” It is not “scientific,” for no scientist would hold this theory, and it is not biblical, because it discounts the truth of the inerrancy of Scripture. In short, theistic evolution is not anything the Church has ever held to be true.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks Tom,

This got me checking out videos on theistic evolution. I'll post some.