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Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Fathers and Doctors of the Church Rejected Evolution

Adam and Eve began to experience the
effects of sin from the moment they
disobeyed God and were expelled from
the Garden of Eden: disease and death!
They taught that creation was the work of God alone, that the "works of nature" (according to St. Thomas Aquinas) presuppose creation. You can't extrapolate from the natural order back to the beginning of things.

Harmful mutations, disease, etc. are all due to sin. The "bondage of decay" is due to original sin. As soon as Adam and Eve were driven from the garden, they began to suffer the consequences of sin: degeneration and ultimately death. Of course they were so physically perfect it must have taken hundreds of years for their bodies to deteriorate to the point of death.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church says nothing about evolution per se, but it says plenty about creation that points away from evolution:
We believe that God needs no pre-existent thing or any help in order to create,nor is creation any sort of necessary emanation from the divine substance. God creates freely "out of nothing." (CCC 296)
 Just like Genesis says!

The truth about creation is so important for all of human life that God in his tenderness wanted to reveal to his People everything that is salutary to know on the subject. Beyond the natural knowledge that every man can have of the Creator, God progressively revealed to Israel the mystery of creation. He who chose the patriarchs, who brought Israel out of Egypt, and who by choosing Israel created and formed it, this same God reveals himself as the One to whom belong all the peoples of the earth, and the whole earth itself; he is the One who alone "made heaven and earth." (CCC 287)
Hugh Owen, Director of the Kolbe Center, points out in the video below how evolutionary "faith" blinds scientists. Faith in Darwinism prevented doctors in the past from accurately diagnosing various problems. Note the discussion of the appendix and the tonsils and how they are part of the protective immune system. But, until doctors found how important they are in protecting us from disease, evolutionists had everyone convinced they were vestigial organs left over from our animal days with absolutely no function or importance to modern man.

Evolution, as Hugh says says in the video, "collides with reality" as we see more and more. Study evolution and see how recent science is exposing its many errors.

Reading all this reminded me of something Chesterton once said -- that you shouldn't take down a fence if you don't know why it was put up in the first place. Good advice. If doctors were a little less arrogant in their attachment to evolution and a little more respectful of the body God created, they no doubt would do less harm. I'll always be thankful to the wonderful GP who was my children's pediatrician. He cautioned me about listening to the specialist who wanted to take out my son's adenoids when he put in ear tubes. "We're not sure about their function in the immune system," was what he told me. A humble older man and a Catholic, he was a talented diagnostician and a truly caring man. Thank you, Dr. Murphy, I'm praying for you today.


Mary's Child Mariann said...

Magnificent! Thanks so much for this, which leads to other Q&A videos he did. Thank you, and God bless you and your wonderful family this Eastertide and always! He Is Risen!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment. And God bless you as well. We are certainly gifted with the blessings of the season including the Lord replacing the beehive destroyed by the bear. Praise the Lord in His creatures!

Mack Malone said...

The CCC also says

"Scripture presents the work of the Creator symbolically as a succession of six days of divine ‘work,’ concluded by the ‘rest’ of the seventh day" (CCC 337), but "nothing exists that does not owe its existence to God the Creator. The world began when God’s word drew it out of nothingness; all existent beings, all of nature, and all human history is rooted in this primordial event, the very genesis by which the world was constituted and time begun" (CCC 338). Going back to CCC 337 "On the subject of creation, the sacred text teaches the truths revealed by God for our salvation, permitting us to "recognize the inner nature, the value and the ordering of the whole of creation to the praise of God."Meaning God is the creator of the world, or time of our reality.

Which does not in any way contradict evolution. God created the world and put all things in motion according to his plans, which our human minds cannot begin to understand, try as we might, so we make symbolic stories and a man, a woman, a garden and yes, a sneaky talking snake. Its the "truth" of the story (God as creator, original sin) that matters. Again respectfully, you seem to be conflating you, what I would consider far right wing politics, with theology. I don't understand why evolution is such a bugaboo with people who lean far right.

Anonymous said...

The fathers and doctors of the church also rejected the heliocentric nature of the galaxy. Much has been theorized and learned since their time. I don't understand how someone with any education at all can fail to see that humanity has evolved. As for the soul, who are we to say when that came to be? Perhaps it is in the soul that we are made in His image, not the body?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

"I don't understand how someone with any education at all can fail to see that humanity has evolved."

That's not an argument. To have an intelligent discussion, one needs to define terms and then provide the evidence for the case. I find the evidence for macro-evolution completely unconvincing and it is a theological disaster since it fails to explain how a system that required all that death to achieve the first man squares with the Church teaching that original sin brought death into the world.

Mack, you say there's no contradiction. Can you explain it? I frankly don't understand why the essentials of Genesis are such a bugaboo. What's the evidence that everything came from a single-celled organism through trial and error? How does the complicated society of a bee colony come about through trial and error -- or even the complicated organization of a cell? I think that's a bigger "story" that requires more faith than Genesis.

I have no problem with people arguing scientific theories. I have a big problem with requiring everyone to accept theories with little proof and demonizing those who disagree as "deniers." (I'm not saying either of you is doing that, but it is certainly a tactic of the evolutionist faithful.)